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Neville For Club Captain?

Steve L

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Agree if the vice captain does not become the captain when the original captain leaves then there is something wrong.


What are the odds that Stubbs will be vice captain however I would like to see something like Yobo or Cahill/Arteta as vice captain

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id like cahill for captian!!!! but nev should stay as it and tim vice


I'm with you, Neville is a managers captain as in he will carry out instructions and be a model professional. Cahill is a fans / team captain as in he will drag the sorry wankers off their arses, lead by example and proberbly win you games!


Moyes will give it to Nev tho!

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I wouldnt give it to Neville personally. I'm not a big fan of him as a player and all I see him doing is clapping his hands alot. I could do that. Maybe clap my hands more so.


Agree with Liam on the Cahill shout, would much prefer him to have it, he would get them all going.


It will go to Phil though, model professional (a very average one sadly IMO)

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Neville for definatly, just two more ive been thinkin over, Beatts to try and give him responsibility and a sense of leadership to try and spark his goalscoring, bit of Alan Shearer lead from the front, or possibly in a few year Lescott, i can just see him bein a good organiser and leader, i mean his desicion makin is already rather good?

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