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Phil Neville


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Im dont think im going to get many comments agreeing with me here but is any1 else getting a bit pissed off with Phil Neville's pass completion.


(yes i no he set up mikel's second with a beautiful cross)


if any1 can be boverd researching the stats of his passing against wigan id be happy to no them. im not having a big shot at neville im just getting very frustrated watching us when he is on the ball, its like he has no composure at all.


whats ur thoughts lads???

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Not particulary, but a harsh call to bag distribution when the pitch looked like a tractor had been doing figure 8's over it after 10 mins.


Neville wasnt the lone ranger - & Simon Davies 100% effort yes, but had me cringing - most of the 90 & never figured in my better player obvs ( Ive watched 2wice now & very painfull) the 4 @ the back were pretty sound def wise & actually felt Yobo used his BRAIN on many occasions which is a great sign.


Leon, Mikel all those types couldnt shine on that pitch & didnt - & as 4 the Neville cant tackle stuff well......Football is open to opinions isnt it .


Whilst it's tuff to bag his Midfield play as well - Can anyone recall his last MF start?


Anyhows, like I always say -Each 2 his own :)

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im still a big fan of pip, ill admit i was devastated when we signed him, but i think we would be in the shit if we didnt. how many times has he had to play all over the park for us due to injuries? he's saved us a fortune in wages with his versatility.


i think with hibbo being out we have missed alot of phil in the midfield. this season id rather play him over osman if im honest, and he can pass a ball better than cars.


im more than happy to see the lad wear the armband too

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