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Signings We Should Make Imo


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moyes should sign these players as i think they can be part of a good team


graig gordon gk - being from scotland i know all about this guy and hes quality

giles barnes mf - young midfieder for derby who is 1 for the future and hes quality

david nugent striker - hes quality and 1st division players we know can make the step up, Johnson, cahill lescott etc


would love these players at Everton


wot u think

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Why wouldn't he come to us? Aaron.. he's better than Robinson.


Hardly an achievement. I'm sorry if it disappoints you England fans but Robinson is, and always has been a terrible goalkeeper.


Being from Scotland also, I can confirm Gordon is a fantastic goalkeeper, and Hearts (a joke club) left him out of today's squad despite him being fully fit, no reason was given. Hearts don't know how to treat their players and as a result Gordon could soon be gone. I don't see much of him when playing for Hearts (only the odd cup game on TV), but for Scotland national team he is excellent and will become Scotland's greatest ever goalkeeper (no exaggeration).


Gordon is currently the best British goalkeeper around.

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nugent hasnt really set the world on fire, he has scored an average amount of goals in the CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

if giles barnes was so good there would be much more interest in him

if were gunna buy a keeper the howard is the one as he is already settled at the club, and gordon would be out of our price range IF we were interested

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He wants first team footie, I like the lad and rate him as a defender.


We stand as much chance as anyone else seeing as he wouldn't have to move house. He is a real North West lad with deep family ties, gotta be worth a go Craccer.


Understand your point on cost though, a cheeky loan signing perhaps?.





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i rate brown, think hes a class defender



wes and kieron richardson would be nice little additions ,along with the one who has been tormenting us all this week ....although I think we should put a clause in browns contract about hair being coloured ginger ..



Ray parlour get ya shirts printed you know he will be joining !!!

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brown and lescott would be a great pair at the back. but i can't help feeling that we are just getting another teams reject players.


Lets get murphy for less then a million another reject I know but even we could afford him, why didnt we make an offer for papa diop

He has been linked with a move to us several times in the past



You would drop yobo for that creature they call brown ?

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