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What A Kerfuffle!


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A report in the Daily Mail (Wednesday, February 14) details proposed changes from FIFA relating to goal celebrations.


According to the article: "FIFA are to take a tougher line with goal celebrations from next season.


"No more will we see players racing to a perimeter wall to take the fans' salute. In fact, games could become submerged in a sea of red and yellow, with referees told to punish anything they consider provocative. In fact, any celebration in front of opposition fans could end up being outlawed."


Although there are no quotes attributed to the article, it goes on to point out that FIFA believe more stringent monitoring of goal celebrations is required in order to ensure players do not antagonise opposition fans.


And so cupping your ear to taunt rival fans or placing a finger to the lips is now set to lead to punishment. As will, according to the report, Jurgen Klinsmann-style dives and, of most relevance to Evertonians, celebrations involving the corner flag.


Tim Cahill was sent-off at Manchester City after netting his first goal for Everton for putting his shirt on his head.


That celebration has been replaced by his punch-bag re-enactment at the corner flag - and it has been well-received by fans.


But does it incite anger from opposition supporters? According to the Daily Mail, FIFA believe it would.


And, as a result, Tim would be in line for a caution under the stricter rules being considered for the 2007/08 season.


Players will also be punished if they display an undershirt that incorporates a manufacturer's logo, while self-penned slogans are also banned.


FIFA's guidelines will be passed on to the individual leagues - with the governing bodies and not the referees determining the punishment that should be handed out.


So what do you think is justifiable? Which celebrations over-step the mark and which are just a bit of harmless fun?


What could cause trouble if acted out in front of opposition supporters?


Give us your feedback - and let us know if you think new rules which could stamp out idiosyncratic celebrations would be beneficial to the game and your enjoyment of the game.

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"referees told to punish anything they consider provocative"


If it is introduced expect as much inconsistancy as is seen with handball. It all depends on the opinion of the referee in charge which obviously differs from other referees and can even change on the mood of the referee. We need black and white rules with no grey areas so if they do introduce it, it'll only add to the controversial decisions already happening in the game.


Also, I find some of the referees tend to provoke the opposition fans more than players, are they going to introduce a scheme where referees will get punished? I very much doubt it, let them continue doing what they like...

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