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English Premier League club Everton signed up a new sponsor with Liverpool-based Littlewoods Football Pools. The company became a sponsor after the club improved the stadium's appearance and installed new perimeter signs at Goodison Park.


OMM MOVINGMEDIA installed 192 metres of custom-built, rotating perimeter signs for the club as part of a three-year print, game operation, and service and maintenance contract.


OMM built the system to meet the specific layout and requirements of Everton's field and also supplied additional signs throughout the stands, which provide a consistent look and feel around the ground.


"Certainly, Goodison wasn't built with the advertiser in mind," said Rob Elstone, deputy CEO of Everton.


"That's why, in summer 2006, we set about finding a partner who, first and foremost, would help us generate higher advertising returns, but also, a partner who was prepared to find time to understand and work around the quirks and anomalies that make Goodison such a unique stadium.


"The new rotating signage has allowed us to increase our overall advertising revenues and, particularly pleasingly, has been a key factor in attracting new Partners, such as Littlewoods Football Pools, to the Club."


Founded in 1998, OMM MOVINGMEDIA is part of the OMM Group and employs over 40 people at its Headquarters in Slough, Berkshire and in its other offices in Golborne, Lancs, and Sydney, Australia.


It's a step in the right direction..


Not sure if this was here the other day but there seems to be more betting amenities on the official site:



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Context louis :)


Australia have jumped on & is already talk of Nike stabled clubs touring in the Off season here & Matches V Brazil, Portugal etc coming up in enar future simply due to the Nike assoc.


Could help us in the Quest on why we dont get decent pre season friendlies even.


I wonders how the Reebok thing will work. As all The Oz AL clubs kits are done by reebok. Maybe deal is over & the clubs wil lgo Nike 2 like the national team, or perhaps Adidas will make them.


Im not branded as such & would like to see a nice traditonal design, that earns us a shed load of $$$ & if we can get further club networking etc out of a deal, that would be more the better.

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I think the umbro shirts a boss,not just the looks but to play in.They really do keep keep you dry and cool.Any way Chelsea and Liverpool have adidas and who wants to be like them!Were is umbro from is it british?

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