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The Everton Collection/heritage Week


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I noticed a notice :) on Sunday at the match advertising that there with be an Exhibition of some of the Everton Collection on Sunday 25th March


Here is some information below and I believe you can get your photo take with the old league trophy and FA cup



Amongst the many items that will be on show at the Exhibition will be the original tender document to build a stand at Anfield in 1886 for Everton FC, the minute book from the director's meeting when Everton chose their colours for 1891 as Red with Blue trim, and Alan Ball's white football boots, together with a host of other fascinating artifacts including the FA Cup.


The Exhibition is open from 10.00am until 4.00pm and admission is free.


Click here for for the full information on heritage week

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Am frustrated the club didnt but the whole kit str8 up.


Lucky Mr France is a diehard or it could have been split up & sold. ( contains ealry Utd & Shite memro, related to us as well -> there colelctors came sniffing early) .


However, am glad it will end up where it belongs.


Im with you on Museum Steve.

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i think its best the club dont own it pat.

dr france has said himself, it would become a saleable asset to any potential owner.

the trust will hopefully continue dr frances work and keep on adding what can be added, shirts, medals, anything.


but the whole museum thing really gets to me, in an angry way.

the most important collection of football history is about our club, and we cant even see it.


the whole lot should be in a museum at any new ground, even if only open on match days, charge a couple of quid to view it to keep the trust going.


a lot lesser clubs, with a lot less visable history can have museums, why cant we?

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Nice one...obviously written by an Evertonian but good to see UEFA thought it worthy of publication.


The Linekar quote made me smile though..


"Everton and Barcelona are very similar in that they like to make sure their old players are looked after. The people in charge have similar philosophies and both make me feel welcome when I go back. It would be quite something for the two to play together at Goodison one day in the Champions League – that would be nice."


Well at least we stack up to Barca in one respect...but Champions league football at Goodison is a bit of a long shot.

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