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Hello Fellow Blues!

Blue 250

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Hello Blues!

Chap called IGGY put me onto this forum!I'm from Kings Lynn in Norfolk.

Get to about 6 home games a season....would like more!


Got into Everton in the Latchford era and worshiped from distance the Blues.Saw them play

at Norwich a few times,but only really started coming to Goodison about 5 years ago.


I have a 6' 4" 15 year old Duncan Ferguson worshiping son..........oh yeh and a rs brother!!!!


Shared a bedroom with him as kids half Blue half red!!.......WAR ZONE OR WHAT!


Great looking forum!

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Welcome my friend....I once got horribly lost coming out of Carrow Road, totally pie-eyed and completely failed to find the railway station :D . Took fucking hours to get home :huh: .


Likewise shared a room with red bro...happy days!


Stick around, been v quiet today but always is on a Sat when we're not playing :angry: .

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Well!Thanks for the welcome!........In answer to a couple of the posts.

Yes Norwich to Liverpool is a hell of a long journey!

Usually get a hotel saturday night and travel home sunday,can't

face a 10 hour train journey in one day(though have done it a couple of times)


And never a canery!....always a toffee!

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