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Chris Sutton


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I would have loved Sutton about 7 years ago


Date Of Birth: 10/ 03/ 1973, that makes him 32, going on 33


Sometimes these things come off and the siging is called "inspired", but I think its all shite.


Sutton was britains most expensive stiker when he signed for BBurn from Norwich for £5 mil

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Just found this on Celtic's web page.....


On 14th June 2000, two more names were added to the equation. Everton were reported to have had a £5million bid rejected whilst Aston Villa and Chelsea were said to be considering a straight swap between Sutton and Villa's England international defender Gareth Southgate. By the weekend of 17/18th June, Chelsea had agreed a £6million transfer with Middlesbrough for Sutton's services but Celtic's new manager Martin O’Neill also submitted a bid of the same value for a player he had long admired. Chelsea accepted both offers and it was down to Sutton to decide his destination.


Chris finally signed for Celtic on 10th July 2000 for £6million, a Scottish record and a sum that Martin O'Neill described as a snip considering his belief in Sutton's abilities. Chris certainly made his mark with a goal on his league début and a sending-off the following week. A double in the 6-2 victory over Rangers in the Old Firm derby on 27th August 2000 will ensure Chris' place in Celtic folklore.




Didnt know we put a bid in for him at that time. Where would we get £5 m. ??

Unless it was about the time they sold Big Duncan for £8m.

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Sound very much like he could be on his way to Birmingham now.


But if £38,000 a week is what it is going to take to bring him to Goodison, then good luck to him I say. Chris Sutton - top earner at the club - will never happen, and neither should it.


Shame though, I thought he would be a decent squad player.

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Guest fozzie22
says on bbc he's gone to brum

A lucky escape me thinks


If mike walker didnt think he was good enough for Everton ago 10 years i'd like to know what has changed in the time since then?


Other than scoring a shitload of goals in a league that my granny could score in.

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don't know so much about DM not nowing what his is doing, but not wanting to pay a 32 year old who has only been playing scottish football for the last 5 year, £32,000 to £38,000 a week is not that difficult a decision.


Would you have conducted a deal to make Chris Sutton the highest paid player at the club?


He could come to Birmingham and score a shed load and be worth the money. But I haven't got hindsight so can only go on the immediate fact.


At this moment in time, I think almost £1M wages in 6 months on Chris Sutton isn't the best option. He will have no residual value what so ever.


Is there anybody who thinks we should have pulled all the stops out and signed him and made him our highest earner? I doubt it very much


If he was coming for a more normal £15,000 to £20,000 a week then fair enough.

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Clubs have already started wheelin an dealin. We dont get a mention. :)





The January transfer window is now open to allow Barclays Premiership clubs a final chance to strengthen their squads for the remainder of the 2005/06 campaign.

Here, premierleague.com keeps track of all the comings and goings with the transfer window due to close again at midnight on Tuesday, January 31.


Birmingham City


In: Chris Sutton (Celtic, free)


Bolton Wanderers


In: Ali Al Habsi (Lyn Oslo, free)




In: Maniche (Dynamo Moscow, loan)




In: Jan Kromkamp (Villarreal, undisclosed), Paul Anderson (Hull City, in exchange for John Welsh)


Out: Josemi (Villarreal, undisclosed), John Welsh (Hull City, in exchange for Paul Anderson)


Manchester United


In: Nemanja Vidic (Spartak Moscow, undisclosed)


Newcastle United


Out: Laurent Robert (Benfica, free)




In: Emmanuel Olisadebe (Panathinaikos, free)


West Ham United


In: Yaniv Katan (Maccabi Haifa, £100,000)

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