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  1. Ain’t been on in a while. Seems Pete0 has the same problem Hafnia has with Lukaku 😂. Did someone mention McCarthy 🥴🥴
  2. Great Result. Went for Bernard today
  3. I think the spine is pretty solid. For me the positions I’d be looking at improving would be RB, RM & ST although we’re not majorly weak in any position.
  4. For me he’s just not mobile enough. Technically he’s pretty decent
  5. Pickford Coleman Zouma Mina Digne Gomez Gana Walcott Gylfi Bernard Richarlison
  6. A lot of our play seems to go through him. I just wish he would improve his final ball.
  7. He was our best player by a country mile Sunday. I’d even go as far as saying at times he was the best player on the pitch. Ridiculously hard to get the ball off. Massive, Massive talent
  8. A quality little player with loads of technical ability. Hopefully he can get some form going.
  9. I like the look of him. Very raw still but certainly has potential to really crack on. That won’t be at Everton though. Let’s enjoy him whilst he’s here
  10. A barm cake? Since when did bread become a cake. My Mums a scouser and she calls them barms like but a barm cake FFS you fruit
  11. 👅👅 fuck sake la. Is it dark up there?
  12. Southall Stones Arteta Pienaar Rooney
  13. Agree with Paddock. Jags was a decent top 5 centre half in 2010. Time to move on.
  14. Transfer fee pissed up the wall. I was hoping he’d come good after seeing some great performances for palace at Goodison. Wish him luck 👍🏻
  15. Clear this lad is well down the pecking order when everyone is fit.
  16. Pickford Coleman Zouma Mina Baines Mogan Gomez Walcott Bernard Richarlison Tosun 👍🏻
  17. I’m pretty sure you’re cleaning his on this occasion. The guy is well past it. Those stats are seriously poor and point to someone way way out of his depth. Unfortunately this will now be the winding down of his Everton career. 3 seasons too late
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