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  1. CraccerC

    Ronald Koeman

    Disappointed. The Saints fan article echos a lot of my thoughts around Koeman, not seen anything from him to suggest he's a good manager. Southampton is his best job to date, and he's done marginally above parr in that role IMO. His history is underwhelming to say the least.
  2. CraccerC

    Ronald Koeman

    Yes, but he's apparently not responsible for transfers and ultimately the squad he has had to work with is one capable of finishing 6th. Whether they've lost their best players or not, they've replaced well and built a good squad. He's just coached them....to the level they're roughly expected to be at. Marginally overachieving, potentially...but we're talking 1 or two places here. His previous jobs, for the most part, have been hit and miss...more miss I'd say. Compare his record to Emery's and there's a clear winner...it's no competition.
  3. CraccerC

    Ronald Koeman

    Koeman has chopped and changed a lot, rarely with success. He's finishes 6th with a Southampton team that should finish around about 6th, and people get excited about him?
  4. CraccerC

    Ronald Koeman

    Signed in mainly to comment on the Spanish football talk, Altetico and Simeone. To give something on topic, I said Emery from the very start and he's still the man I want. Don't understand anyone wanting Koeman over him. Anyway.., First point, Simeone is out of league. I expect some people to come in with the whole 'we're Everton, noone is out of our league'. He is. Get over it. Secondly, the quality of La Liga is not too dissimilar than the Prem. It's less competitive in the bottom third or so, and they have 3 teams who are above the rest...true. That said, Sevilla would spank Southampton any day of the week. Celta and Bilbao would beat West Ham. The bottom 7 or so are weaker. Newcastle would never get relegated in Spain. Thirdly, Atletico play to their strengths. You see them play against Bayern and call it negative - it's not negative, it's productive. Defending is an art form, and trust me, if you see Barkley running through on goal in a UCL semi against Bayern...about to fire your team into the final, it doesn't get more exciting and entertaining than that. Yes, they play that way against some lesser teams as well, that's true as well. Remember us against United in Martine's first season? We expected to dominate, it wasn't working and he adapted and we played a counter attacking game and thrashed them. Never did we see that flexibility again, but wasn't that exciting? Wasn't that great to watch. Southampton away this season just gone, probably the best of the season? Atletico are flexible. They play some delightful football with extremely talented players. Griezmann for one. You can't watch a player like that and not be entertained. A player like that is still at the club because of the manager and the success of the club. If Atletico's system wasn't working and they were 6th or 7th, they wouldn't be keeping Griezmann, Koke, Saul etc. On that topic as well, Saul's goal wasn't entertaining? I could watch that on loop for hours. There's a passion and a fighting spirit that comes with this type of football too, which I think gets you more involved and animated. Think of Goodison's atmosphere now compared to years ago under Moyes and back to when we were fighting for our lives. Go to any Atletico game, any of them. Go to the Bernebeu - it's dead, all you can hear is people eating their pipas and unwrapping their sandwiches at half time. Everytime I go to Vicente Calderon I love it, makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It reminds me a bit of going to games in the Gwladys back in the late 90s early 00s - pure passion. For anyone that says that Atletico are boring, or that they wouldn't want that style of football at Everton...I'm glad you're nowhere near a position of power.
  5. CraccerC

    Bournemouth (Home) Sat April 30

    Er, what? You drunk there, lad? Desperation? Did I say the goal was Howard's fault? You talk about knowledge of football, how about your knowledge of the English language? It was error after error. If you're trying to suggest that Howard's attempt at a save was anything but poor, then it's not me with a lack of football knowledge. Take a look in the mirror, if you can bear the sight of that mug.
  6. CraccerC

    Would you like to make history?

    I'm on the fence tbh. I've always been pro-leaving, because change doesn't bother me and being part of a superstate (and wanting to be) is a very very sad state of affairs. What's wrong with being individual and in control of your own destiny...with a bit of independence? I think every country has the right to be 'free' and that's why I supported the Scots, always argue for the Catalans when that topic comes up (all the fucking time in our household). So, why am I on the fence? The politicians. It all sounds good, except for when you think about how things will actually work. The same bell ends making calls and being free to do as they like, not representing the people. The voting system is a farce, the politicians are all out of touch pricks, so what'll actually change? In the short term our currency will likely take a substantial hit (that's bad for us, with having a Spanish missus), and there will be mass uncertainty. In steps David Cameron et al. the opportunists who will push through whatever they like because they manage to get us to buy into these ideas providing long term stability. I just don't trust any of them. I don't like Europe, I don't like what we have here either. In the end, my vote will probably just come down to the lesser of two evils. Apologies for the rant...I could have actually written a lot more but I've got bored, as PES has now loaded up....off to play master league. Oh, and on the topic, signed and 100% agree with the petition.
  7. CraccerC

    Bournemouth (Home) Sat April 30

    Not like Tim Howard to fall over the ball is it? Pathetic attempt at a save. The only thing he could have done to make it more typical is star jumped over it.
  8. CraccerC

    Man of the Match v Bournemouth

    Hibbo, country mile
  9. CraccerC

    Joel Robles

    I think we should keep Joel. Buy a new number 1, but use Joel as we did before - cup keeper.
  10. CraccerC

    Leicester Away ticket donation

    The title will be over this weekend....and paraded in the game against us...I reckon. Don't have a ticket anyway, but best of luck.
  11. CraccerC

    Which players should leave the club.

    Pienaar, Osman, Hibbert, McGeady, Gibson, Kone, Oviedo, McCarthy I don't want Rom and Stones to leave, but I think that they might. At least one of them anyway.
  12. CraccerC

    Phil Jagielka

    Got a reliable source on that? Sounds bad.
  13. Watched Toffee reckons a meeting has taken place to discuss and that they're just working out the cost outlay/timing. I'm still not sure. We put a fight in that second half, if we continue like that I think he might survive. If we sink back to derby standards then it's impossible.