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  1. Barca have already signed Arda Turan which allowed Pedro to leave. And I'm not sure the Arsenal comment is serious? Either way, I can't see him coming here.
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/FutbolUkraine/status/636218193795751936 What a day...
  3. Yeah, that's true Ten. I don't even know what to make of what we could do now. Every replacement we could even contemplate, their price has just added an extra £5-10m. We looked like complete mugs in this window anyway because of the lack spending. Now this. Unless we just say "No, get on with it." Which I really can't see personally.
  4. Dark day for all blues if true. And football in many ways. It's sad to say but I think it was inevitable, The players' silence on the issue has been deafening. If Evans is even contemplated as a potential replacement, I completely give up on our club under its current regime.
  5. Haven't posted in a while, but this summer has been one of the worst I can remember as an Evertonian. Bristol City. A club that were 2 leagues below us last season. Are on the verge of outspending us this window in one transfer. They have an average attendance of 10,000. The premier league has received yet another record breaking, multi billion pound TV deal. Yet if anything this somehow hindered us, rather than helped. On top of all this, we now have our manager coming out saying that all business should be done before August. So he's either going to look a massive hypocrite if we do sign anyone in the next couple of weeks (ha!) or we're not going to sign anyone. If we are leaving it till deadline day now, who the fuck is left? We're not going to get anyone in who is going to massively improve us, which is needed. The club is fast becoming/has become a joke.
  6. He's more of a goalscoring midfielder than a playmaker. He got 0 assists last season...not something you'd associate with a playmaker.
  7. GoodisonRoad

    Wolfsburg (A)

    Great counter attacking performance. Can't think of anyone who had a bad game really. Everyone in the back 4 were immense. Garbutt especially, called for him to get more time in the academy thread as he's looked really good for England U21's and I was fuming he didn't play against west ham but fair play to Hibbo because he was good against west ham but he was superb tonight. Perisic is a very good player but Hibbo dealt with him well. Rom did well to recover after almost losing it for his goal and showed a real touch of class for the assist for Mirallas. Kev did really well considering his lack of match fitness. More of that please Kev! Awsome result when you consider the run they were on and they had to win that to be in with a shout of winning the group. And considering the players we had missing. Coleman, Naismith, Barry, McCarthy, Baines. We have a very good squad at the minute. Saw this on twitter that made me laugh "Samuel Eto'o has just apologised to Tony Hibbert for not playing him in with a pass. Welcome to Everton Fc 2014/15"
  8. Would love this to happen. Very skilful player and has a bit of pace. Similar to Mirallas. Kev on the right Depay on the left would be something special IMO.
  9. Anyone know what was up with McGeady? Suprised not to see him even on the bench.
  10. Hallelujah! Does wind me up how a club constantly fighting relegation can potentially outbid us for players. Padd, regarding the boxes. Im not doubting that they do make money I just doubt that its of any great significance between us and them. I remember a season or two ago their deal with "Invest in Africa" was lauded as a potentially multi million pound deal. Its things like that, that dont add up to me. I think the last time someone posted the whole "who earns more in sponsership than we do" table they were above us by a fair few places as well.
  11. I get that they have higher gates than us (even though it does always look empty) because their stadium is bigger (im not having that "corporate facilities is where the money is btw, though i get that they make more on that than we do) But how do they out-perform us anywhere else financially? thats what i dont understand. They never do anything league wise, they've never won anything (to my knowledge) they're not a "big club", they've never had any "marquee" signings to raise their profile. It just baffles me. A rich owner would solve a lot of questions but then they never do anything so that then raises the question why hasnt he got bored yet? Have they essentially got a rich Kenwright?
  12. Slightly off topic but does it wind anyone else up that Sunderland can compete in the same market as us? They constantly spend huge amounts on shite players and put them on ridiculously high wages (for their positions in the table) then finish bottom half or fight relegation year after year? I dont get it. We have to count pennies and hope every transfer we make pays off, they have a revolving door policy, never win anything and narrowly avoid relegation...only to come back and do the same next year without any consequences. :dont know: On topic, I think we need wingers and admittidley havent seen much of this guy but I like the sound of him and think he could be a good addition. Him and Ayew in Jan would be good (I can dream! :shaking fist: )
  13. He's 23 (so not that young) And he's a RB. I'd have him for the right price, he's been linked with the shite for months. Cant see him coming here to sit on the bench behind Seamus though.
  14. Not sure why he single's out Jags. Is Glen Johnson deemed fit for International football? Likewise Jack Wilshire. Could name a fair few that arent good enough. But like Romey said, Jags is by far the best option England have at CB (Miles ahead of Jones and Smalling) so what else can we do?
  15. Like Mark says above, that's the million dollar question. But I guess it is the problem you'd rather be having. Personally I would actually move Oveido to the wing. I think he's looked alright whenever he's played there before. I think pienaar is finished on the wing personally. For the modem game he (much like Osman) isn't athletic enough to get through the mileage you need to as a winger. I think Oviedo could do really well at LW personally.
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