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  1. Could be that he’s actually doing well behind scenes.
  2. So Dunc gets the nod before Unsy? Wow! I mean there may be something we don’t know about Ferguson’s coaching training... but really. Wait I got it.... Fucking Moshiri has got confused. He saw Ferguson and thought, wasn’t he the worlds best manager at one point... get him in!
  3. Everton 3-1 Chelsea Richarlison.
  4. Thanks mate. I’m on the list, and got membership. Been to 80% of games so far as well so hopefully that will stand me in good stead.
  5. Actually thought we were much better in the second half. We had about seven efforts on goal the second half. Richarlison should have scored his header, Kean should have scored his effort. Davies has a decent enough effort. Defence was still crap, or rather, having Keane in defence was asking for more goals. The guys boots must be full of lead or something. Never saw such a slouch in my life.
  6. Gone for Mina. His second half performance was a proper defenders match. Diving into last ditch challenges, roughing them up, annoying them on corners. shame he has an absolute dud beside him. Kean was good when he came in and so close to a goal. Love his heart. Battled for the team today.
  7. Unbelievable. We score two goals in the first half against the shite, and are getting thrashed.
  8. Iwobi jogged back as fast as he could to be fair, really burst a gut to jog back. This is the trouble with our players. Seems they think thy at if the y run to fast they might get out of breath. Liverpool sprint back for every single ball. They are literally worlds ahead of us.
  9. That should be a red for Keane surely. Come on ref, send him off please.
  10. Hahaha that’s the best post of the year mate. Best thing ever haha!
  11. Keane is rooted, just doesn’t move. We need to get him off before this turns silly.
  12. Well I think Marco might not last till half time.
  13. If it wasn’t for him it would be 2-0 wouldn’t it?
  14. It was from the middle mate. To the left of the middle maybe, but middle. Thouhg Sidibe just got done by Mane there, saved by Holgate.
  15. Well that’s a great start from the defence. Think Pickford just went to have a chat with Keane. Both of them still standing there.
  16. I’m the same mate. On the list but there’s no way of telling how close you are to the top of list. But I might call and ask to see if match ticket receipts go towards helping.
  17. Teach the kids this. To win anything you need to beat the best. May as well do it early on. Opponent doesn’t matter, it’s how we play that dictates a result.
  18. I highly doubt any striker would target VVD. But it would be extremely naive to think that VVD won’t be targeting them. It’s his job isn’t it? Unless you feel his two goals over the weekend has suddenly turned him into a striker haha 😉
  19. Kean against Virgil would be a disaster. It has to be DCL. He is the only player that can handle him physically.
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