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  1. One thing I am surprised about is that he works to get the ball back if he loses it. That’s a quality that can only be described as hunger.
  2. That was a shame for Richie, that was a truly beautiful strike. The last two games, he has done everything other than score. But he is showing what an important player he is for us. Dom, Richie, and James is a real fearsome lineup.
  3. That’s made me smile haha. Love the way he reacts ❤️
  4. Zaha is on fire at the moment. He is the one i am worried about. They have started strongly and I think i it will be a tough game, but it’s all going to be down to how we manage Zaha.
  5. That’s exactly how i saw it. Instead of getting dragged into the player running with the ball, he made the decision for him and cut out the slide pass which would have created a one on one. Mina should have had the player covered, but kept backing away and almost gave him option but to shoot. Allan made an intelligent run.
  6. Everton 3-1 Crystal Palace. Richarlison.
  7. Reading how poor a lot of players played today, and how bad the team was for the first hour or so..... I hope we continue playing this shit for a long time. Have not enjoyed watching us this much for 18 months. Stay shit Carlo!!!!!
  8. Turn the commentators off and it wouldn’t have been his fault. Mina’s fault for the first goal without a doubt. He took his shot behind Mina as well, by the time Pickford saw it, it was already past Mina. Superman couldn’t have moved fast enough to react. Second was just a great effort.
  9. To be fair, there were a few best moments. But James goal was sublime!
  10. Commented watching the match that he is what we have missed for a couple years. He does the dirty work that doesn’t often get noticed. This allows space and time to play for other more technical players. Absolutely beast of a signing. Settled faster than I thought as well.
  11. More of a Ferrari for me. Fast and aggressive, with style to go with it.
  12. James was amazing again. Allan did the dirty work. DCL was what we have been asking for from a player for years. MoM!
  13. Showed hunger today. We’ve been waiting for a player to burst a gut to get on then end of balls for a while... he showed that today.
  14. I don’t think we were at all. Commentators were still talking about how well West Brom we’re playing even when they gave the ball away. I never thought we were in trouble, even when behind. Best moment.... Allan telling the team to calm down.
  15. We came from behind to win 5-2. Hat trick from Dom, answering Palfys call to be more cutthroat. James getting off the mark, will give him massive confidence. Damn that guy is hot. Allan again showing the dirty stuff. Richarlison was excellent again, felt sorry for him not getting a goal... but was involved in absolutely everything.
  16. Really excited again now. Unchanged lineup. let’s see if this time can add a little consistency now. Another three points today and the threat of relegation is disappearing 😉
  17. I would agree with any other player, but I have never watched him and thought he would be any different. I have watched him, wanting him to do well... but each time he plays I worry this is too high a level for him. But attitude is t something you should be worrying about at his age. Application should be paramount for me. There are kids out there that work their arses off for an opportunity.... I would rather they had it.
  18. Interesting reading reports on the match. One comment that struck me, “Joey Barton will have gained confidence watching this”.
  19. I thought this too, even his penalty made me shake my head. And then pulling the Balotelli celebration just pissed me off. He simply hasn’t got the mentality for the premier league. Wonder if Salford would take him?
  20. Obviously he was being rested for more important matches, after putting so much effort into the quarter.
  21. Definitely keep him and let him cover for Digne when needed. We want him to be getting used to our first team set up and players. He has the talent, he just needs a little more coaching. He isn’t a prospect, he is already good enough for the squad.
  22. Nkounkou. Since coming here he has had three appearances now and each one he has looked like he is already a first team player. Great going forward, fast, dangerous. Bit of a question over his defensive side at the moment, but more because he hasn’t been put u see a test at the moment.
  23. Post from Kean, followed by another post from Gordon. Poor lad.
  24. Damn Kean, why so sad! You just scored!
  25. F me!!!! Gordon what a shot. Then an air shot, followed by a penalty.
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