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  1. I’m going with DCL as it’s an away game. We need DCL to get battered by them for 70 mins and then bring in Kean to run them ragged when they are tired. But I also wish we could see them both up top.
  2. Normally I would agree to disagree, but this time your wrong, anyone watching that match could clearly see. Your about as spot on as your G... opinion here. You can show it simply though. Just need to show a simple highlight with DCL running at a lone defender. That would show that the we played the same while DCL was on as we did when Kean came on. Easy eh! (Save yourself the time Palf, you won’t find any)
  3. I’m saying the exact opposite. The manager set us up to push them back and utilise DCL and Gylfi. This wouldn't have worked with Kean up top. When Kean came on we were getting pushed back and we’re hanging on. Kean changed that by allowing us to sit and hit them on the break. Surprised you can’t see that, it was blatantly obvious. Basics. Must be my coaching badge allows me to see it 😉
  4. Palfy. I am sure you said somewhere you coach football. Surely you understand that you need to set up the team to play to certain players strengths? For example, it didn’t take a premier league manager to notice that when Kean came on, we visibly moved back ten yards. This was so we could defend in numbers to protect our lead, which then draws them out, allowing us to hit them on the counter attack. Which we did. Before that, we played further up the pitch, which pushed them back and meant the doubles up on our forward line regularly. Do you think playing Kean from the start, we would have sat back and tried to hit them on the counter? edit: Dont mean that to sound like an attack by the way. Just seeing if I’m explaining my point correctly and want to hear your views on it.
  5. I understand your point. Not sure why it’s baffling to understand mine though. It’s very simple and you said it perfectly in your opening sentence. A manager should play the team he thinks gives us the best chance to get points. Aaand he’s been picking DCL. As I pointed out, it’s not just about one player, it’s about a rounded team. Team being the big factor in this. If you have a team that’s set up to provide a certain player with goals, and the team gets less goals than when the team is set up for several to score.... then again I would go for the team set up for several to score. It’s simplistic to think that adding a player who can score 20 goals a season to a team that scored 60, would net you 80 goals. (Not accusing you of this by the way) Like I said, I want to see Kean, I really do. But I also think the manager is correct the way he is managing him at the moment. Especially as we don't need to throw him in at the deep end yet. Someone pointed out that they don’t think DCL is the type to take one chance and score. Yet they just witnessed Kean get his first shots off target. He is a very young lad and like has happened so many times before.... his confidence could easily be smashed by throwing him in the deep end and watching him sink. Let him grow into the premier league, let him grow into the team, let him understand what it is to be a premier league player. Mainly, look after him.
  6. Impossible to answer really as well. If we finish second this season.... would we have finished top with Gana? For me, we had to improve this year, with or without Gana. It’s not about him, it’s about Everton.
  7. That’s the sign of a good manager bough isn’t it? If your on a run of wins, you dont just change it to bring in a bigger name as that could disrupt the results. Personally I would play Niasse in goals if he didn’t concede a goal all season. Or would you rather play a big name keeper that conceded a shit load? I know that’s exaggerating a bit, or a lot, ok loads. But the point stands. If we’re on a good streak of results, what’s more important? Keep it going or play a different striker because he isn’t scoring, and risk ending that run? what if we drop DCL and play Tosun for example. Tosun scores three games on the trot, but we lose each one 1-2. So then we try Kean. Kean bangs in a hat trick each game in thoroughly exciting 3-4 losses. Im all for Kean starting... when he is ready. For the moment I would be happy with DCL as long as the results keep coming. This is real football, not FIFA 2020.
  8. Most teams have players in their team that have had more shots than our whole team. We aren’t creating anywhere near enough chances.
  9. It wasn’t like for like PeteO, the manager said he brought him on to hit them on the break. Which is why we saw one on ones with Keane, and the team sitting deeper. When DCL was on the pitch, we were higher up because we didn’t want to be defending for a whole 45 minutes. We should be happy that we now have options like this. It’s a good thing!
  10. Anyone watch Marco’s after match interviews? He said he could see the tactics aren’t working and knew that if he brought Kean on, we could change it up and hit them on the break. I mean, it’s almost like he changed the set up to suit Kean, but knew that wouldn't work from the start. Sigh .....we’re not full of football coaches here are we 😉
  11. It was the first home game of the season to be fair. We didn’t even go into the shop as it was so rammed before the game. So many fans wait till the first home game to get their kits. Suspose it makes a day of it.
  12. I know that, just read your last comment! It’s like watching David Brent look in a mirror when you two speak!
  13. Could have been an interesting thread. But it isn’t!
  14. I like him. He had a few hiccups but generally did well. Better at harassing than I expected as well. He also looks like he has tidy feet when in possession. He could be a very good player once he gets up to speed.
  15. Don’t worry mate.... like Brexit, we’ll keep doing the poll again until people give up and just agree with you to shut you up 😉
  16. I was surprised how strong he looked. And damn it for the crowd going when he battled hard for that ball. Going to be an exciting player to watch.
  17. Went for Gomes. Absolutely a joy to watch today. Would have been Digne if he stayed on, the lad is just simply a classy player.
  18. He was just what we needed once he remembered his height. He started off the second half standing off and letting Deeney flick the ball on. The nearly got through so many times. But then Pickford made that save and he realised he can attack headers, and won everything. Hoping he watches that back and gains confidence from it.
  19. I think the manager played it perfect mate. They were set up to defend DCL and we changed it around. If they were set up to defend Kean it may have been a completely different game for him. Marco got us 3 points and a clean sheet.
  20. Isn’t that what we’ve been doing with the Ps for the last twelve months haha?
  21. I think your asking the wrong question. We haven’t just lost Gana. We have made a few really good signings. If we had Gana, and all these signings, then we would be better off than we are now. Do I think the new team and structure will be better? Yes I do. We have better options, we have more depth, and we have players that can only improve. Having DCL on for 70 minutes and managing to change him for Kean was great to see, and gives us our fabled plan B.
  22. Was just saying to a friend I went with. Watford were set up all game to deal with DCL. Kean came on, and they had no idea how to handle him. This is exactly what we need options. If Kean would have started, it would have been a completely different game for him as they would be set up to deal with him. We no longer have to go through like for like substitutions.
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