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  1. I honestly think we are where we deserve to be. We just don’t create anywhere near enough chances.
  2. That’s the issue. Even players when poor are our best option.
  3. Gordon. no one else is really worth a mention. Maybe DCL and Digne didn’t do much wrong, the rest of the team were pretty poor.
  4. Well I have to say, the players don’t deserve Europe. Not anywhere enough fight in the team. We’re still simply a really poor team.
  5. Gordon has started sharp. Looks like he wants to make an impact.
  6. Our problem is always the same, too many defensive minded players on the pitch. Gomes, Davies and Gylfi will always look at playing the ball backwards and holding possession. Going to say it again in the hope he proves me wrong second half, but Iwobi... you would such a better player if you weren’t terrified of people. Nothing to offer again.
  7. Typical. Bounces around and falls to them.
  8. Haha it was clearly a “dink” into Dignes head, Holgate pretty much made the pass for him 😉
  9. Another young lad with a great attitude. Had a rough time at the start, but has proved a lot of people wrong. Says more about his character than anything else.
  10. Ye there’s at least two of you that agree 😉
  11. No mate, Bailey posted after it, that if he came he would definitely be the best defender at the club. I was disagreeing with that. Im also not insinuating anything haha, just replying to posts. Feel like I’m in the twilight zone at the moment..... can people only see my posts and none others haha?
  12. Ye I don’t think he is better than Holgate, I was just quoting Bailey. Should have quoted him rather than type it out haha.
  13. Yes mate above. He will be our best defender if he comes.
  14. I still would rather have Holgate in the team. He is a better player for me. I would be ok with Stones playing alongside him, but I struggle with people thinking he is better than Holgate. Opinions I guess.
  15. Pretty bog standard header for me. Nothing miraculous about it, easy to control a header of that pace. Not taking anything away from Digne for it, just don’t see anything special there.
  16. Defo after Intended, I could do that at my level... I’m sure pro footballers are capable of it.
  17. Is he better than Holgate..... it’s that simple.
  18. So you don’t think he will ever reach 100m! Ok good constructive reason why not.
  19. Watched him when he does play for City, and still he is prone to brain farts... way to often. We should be looking forward.
  20. No but you can read just as easy as I can... I think. like anything mate, none of us know the facts, we just go on what we read, and you read that Barca offered 80m. You already know that, just trying the usual twist.... with the wrong person haha. Do you honestly think he won’t reach the 100m mark? Not arguing the point with you, just asking your honest opinion. It gets clouded when your in convo with me haha.
  21. A what cut? I think the missus tried that with me, but it went badly wrong haha. Can’t wait to visit a real one. But just to try and spoil your mood... I didn’t mention a bid from Barca 😉 you came up with that one yourself. 🎣
  22. They will, definitely now you say they won’t! Offered 80m before the benefit of Carlo’s coaching, and you think he won’t get better? I think it’s pretty nailed on he will improve. If no one does offer that sort of cash, then I win.
  23. Seems Carlo recognises that the team winning is more important than a striker scoring as well.
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