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  1. Would depend on whether he could live up to his maximum potential. Would also need to be for the right price, so we could make maximum profit on resale. I’m off to read my Maxim magazine.
  2. Daft club, letting supporters into their dressing room, not surprised they went down!
  3. Huge moaner? No not at all PeteO, never, no way! I mean why on earth would you say that 😉
  4. Excellent post friend. Football is still a sport for me, not a business. I do t support Everton to see how much money they make, or how well they run the club..... but because I love watching them play football, I love the history of the club, the colour blue, the current players, the old players, the name, everything. Football should be judged on the excitement you feel and not the numbers. We have improved immeasurably in that respect, even if our league position has t changed.
  5. He’s so excited he could hardly type any words as a reply!
  6. Welcome Jonas. Decent back up keeper for us. Solid and dependable while not taking a huge wage. Im guessing Stek wants to move on to get a few appearances in his last year or two.
  7. This is it really. We are judging Lookman on a fleeting moment of football, whereas the club are judging him on attitude and application.
  8. It’s a lot harder to produce and sell talent in England though. The pay structure is on a completely different level. We can’t bring up superstars on a low wage as they would be snapped up by the bigger clubs before they have progressed. But we do an excellent job of giving youth a chance here. Would be nice to produce another Rooney though..... though I would hope to keep them rather than sell.
  9. Name and shame.... name one person Palfy. You’ve said the same over and again mate, and it’s been explained to you, over and again that no one is getting overly over the top excited about it, we just recognise that the team did well against them and have us hope for next season. I get why it’s being downplayed, it doesn’t suit a certain couple of agendas. Do people realise how Liverpool have came so close? Their own fans get it. They will tell you straight, they have learnt to win ugly. Change tactics when things aren’t going well, and grind a result. Same as Utd used to do, to win titles, and Arsenal the 1-0 team. How we can class going on a run where we finish the form table in the top four, as a failure, is I’m afraid, ridiculous. I know I’m a bit of a fanatic when it comes to Everton, and I can see some light of positivity in a 6-0 defeat haha, but this is going the exact opposite.
  10. I bloody hope not... that would really spoil my summer!
  11. If nothing else.... he’s a great guy and I wish him all the best wherever he ends up. Be it here or elsewhere.
  12. Means nothing though. Your team could improve 100% and play the most exciting football the world has ever saw! But if the league position is the same, that means there has been no improvement 😜 It doesn’t just simply mean that the teams position hasn’t improved.... honestly! Gotta go now, need to take my tablets, I’m seven days late!
  13. Ye I would take him for that, maybe 25m. Anything more then I would rather we looked for a new exciting promise.
  14. Think he’s much better than some are saying on here. Seems most haven’t watched him much. But your right, at that price we shouldn’t be anywhere near it. A -20m fee and sure. Anything over and no thanks.
  15. That’s not fickle in any way whatsoever. It’s called being a fan of Everton who enjoy to see their team win. It’s what the sport is all about. Its what happens on the pitch that counts, duck all to do with this expected goals shit. Grab a shirt, kiss the badge and get back to being a football fan again.
  16. Well the difference was that we turned up against these teams. It’s as simple as that PeteO. Against Fulham ( you should have watched the highlights, you would t be asking the. ), we just didn’t turn up. We were flat and created nothing. Against Utd, we created over 20 (twenty) chances. Again, how can’t you see the difference? Arsenal are in a Euro final. They weren’t in it mid season.... they got there at the end of the season, along with Liverpool, Spurs and Chelsea. They weren’t given these finals due to how they did earlier in the season.... like it or not, they earnt their right to be there. We won these games by playing positive football. We lost against Newcastle in the last third of the game. We lost against Fulham because we weren't positive. You seem to hate to admit to us doing anything good, not sure why, but I see it. Im not going to reply to anything more unless it’s something new and to be frank, real. This is not going to go anywhere as we both see it differently. Mid we get relegated with the same team we have now, next season, I will be the first to admit you told us so. If we end up anywhere above 8th, then I expect you to do the same. Sorry wrong wording. I don’t expect you to, but I think you should 😉
  17. Of course it may be a false dawn, but it could also be the next step. If you choose to live your life never stepping of a kerb just in case you twist an ankle, you will never see what’s out in the world. I just choose to jump of that kerb and see what happens. I’m a believer in the laws of attraction friend.
  18. Yes without a shadow of a doubt. last season we were hard to watch. Even the neutrals had turned on us and were calling us the new West Brom. This season we’re back to being watchable again. Still needs a few more pieces, but the improvement is there for me.
  19. Yet even with these problems, 3 of them get to Euro finals. I get what your saying, we’re such a lucky team that teams only ever have problems on and off field when playing us. I mean it would be daft to say that our set up limits these teams and stops them playing. Yet when were beaten, it’s the opposite isn’t it PeteO, it’s because we were at full strength but the other team just tried harder. Lets be straight here. You see the team in a different way than the majority, and that’s fine. Your down on the team and club at the moment and look for negatives. Im a pretty positive guy and will always look for the positives. You can see in my posts I’m a glass half full type. What we need to accept, mainly you 😉 is that yours, or mine, or any others opinions are just that PeteO, opinions. Your trying your best to prove them as facts, while ignoring actual facts. The most glaring example is this not creating chances comment you keep going on about. Yet in one match we created more chances than Sam did in his whole tenure. That wasn’t something is fans made up, but a factual stat put out by the ssp team. And this is where I struggle to understand where your coming from sometimes.
  20. He’s a powerful forward, good in the air and a powerful shot. He’s a nuisance for defenders, gave us a torrid time. Im a fan of his to be honest. Good old fashioned powerful forward. Good at leading the line.
  21. I get what your saying PeteO, I just don’t agree. The football has looked much better to me. We are creating more chances, that’s proven in the stats. And these teams were not getting beat each week as you say.... other than Utd. 3 of them got to euro finals. Not saying everything is fixed, just that it’s not as broken as you make out.
  22. Yes that’s the one, the one that didn’t het relegated as they were crap, but got to Europe. As did Arsenal... aren’t they still there? As did Spurs... ahem... still there. Chelsea... getting boring now isn’t it 😉
  23. That the same Utd that got relegated as they were so poor? Same as Arsenal and Chelsea! And spurs who just about failed everywhere this season!
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