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  1. That’s class Palfy. How we could do with characters like that now.
  2. Can’t tell if your telling the truth or taking the piss haha! If true. He was one of the players who served a purpose, you could hit a ball long to him, knowing that he would win it 9/10. This allowed otherforwards to work of him. Having that presence in the box at a corner allows players like Richarlison to poach.
  3. Alonso hit a volley wide on Sunday. The best bit of him missing was Gana sliding in front of him, expecting it to he on target. That’s what we need more of from all our players.
  4. You never know your character until faced with adversity. A lot of our players are finding out quickly. The manager is also finding out which characters are up for the fight and which aren’t. Moyes had fighters in his team, players who were prepared to put their bodies on the line. We need a few of those characters.
  5. Much improved performance. Still doing hem silly feints to the side, which just lets opponents close him down, but much much better. Won a couple of headers defensively, and also won two headers at the other end. Kept it simple as well. He still had a tendency to play the ball infield when hitting long, which just gives away possession. Surprising one that as any coach would teach to always hit lines when going for hit and hopes as it puts full backs under pressure and gives wingers something to chase. Putting it in the middle is just giving up possession easily. But that’s just a niggle of mine. He was vastly improved over the rest of his time here. Good to see, and maybe signs of settling down.
  6. It’s because the FA are like our NHS and Parliament. It’s a dinosaur establishment that needs a serious overhaul.
  7. This. If you watch the replay, he was marked. He makes a slight feint and it earns him half a yard. This gives him a free jump. After that, he needs to get it on target and low down.... and he does. Paul Rideout used to do it a lot for us. Win the first ball and keep it in play.
  8. That’s some deep stuff there! Anyone want to hire me as a motivational speaker? I’m new to it, but I’ll work hard and can learn. I’ll put in extra training, technique can improve! First touch can get better!
  9. Haf, Bailey, your arguing for the sake of it now. He made a mistake against Newcastle. A very bad call from him. Against Chelsea, he has a very similar incident, and he made a better decision. Yes it shows his decision making needs work, but Chelsea also showed that maybe he is working on said decision making. Another young lad that needs to learn his trade, be it technique, ability, attitude or ego. Let the children play! They will get bruises, make mistakes and get shouted at. But the characters will come through better for it.
  10. Haha me and you actually have something in common then 😉 I have backed him since the start, and am still getting laughed at! Hea not as good as Gana though 😉
  11. Did you see Silva approach him at the end? You can see how much he thinks of him.
  12. I think this is the key, composure. He has demonstrated that he knows how to finish, but it’s that calm head when a chance opens up where he is struggling at the moment.
  13. Of course there will always be exceptions. We all know that one guy that smokes like a chimney all his life, and lives to 101. But smoking is still bad for you. Just as there will be exceptional students of the game. But generally if we’re talking about people on the same level ( amateur footballer, ameteur fan, or exceptional both) the player will generally have more knowledge on nuances of the game. But agreed, there are exceptions. Bloody hell, I’m not even in this argument haha.
  14. If technique is questioned then people need to look at him cheating the ball down and catching to cleanly on the floor while under pressure. Thats technique. Control is probably the most important technique a professional footballer can have, and today he showed he can do it well. He now needs to learn to breathe when pulling the trigger.
  15. Playing the game does give you insight. I’m not saying it makes for opinion more valid.... but it does give you an insight into situations that never playing won’t.
  16. I do like moments like that where a player shows strength and determination.
  17. Might be a bit out there, but I’m going for Keane today. A professional performance from him. Made it very simple. Just did a defenders job, and it worked. Also going to say I was impressed with Mina. Not rated him at all, but today he looked a good player, and he was also a threat up top. DCL continues to learn. Few duh moments, coupled with moments of brilliance. Best part was his hold up play. Cheating the ball, dropping to the floor and coming or with it.... just what we need when under pressure. Maybe a nod to Marco? Whatever he said at half time, completely turned the team around.
  18. We have a few at the moment it seems. Easy to see a pattern though.
  19. Maybe we need an age cut off. If young players haven’t set the world alight by 21.... get rid! Let young up and comers know that if they are coming here they better learn fast or well fuck them off! Ye that will definitely work.
  20. Are we all watching the same player... or talking about the same player? Some of his best attributes are his technical skills, and he also has a couple of tricks to his sleeve. He is better at dribbling than our wingers. His shooting isn’t really that far off either. It’s far from poor. He try’s to find corners, which is a better chance of scoring. Anyone can hit a ball down the middle of the goal and hope for the best.... but your not gonna score gaols like that often. we wanted him to begin to add goals to his game, and that’s what he is doing. Long way to go sure, but like I said.... on the right path.
  21. Keep arguing guys. You sound like fans. He made a really bad, immature, and big ego mistake. It’s down to age. Neither of you are coaches.... that’s obvious. He is one of the better goalkeepers in the league. He is making mistakes, but has the time time to learn.'
  22. Again, fans expect him to come in and win games singlehandedly. If he doesn’t, then he isn’t worth it. Expectations can ruin players, unless you have progressive management .
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