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Once And For All Fellaini Is....

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you are just happy to lie to make your point stick aren't you?

Carsley never had "pace" he wasn't always slow as fuck, he still isnt, but to say he had pace is just blatantly wrong. and Gerrards hardly lightening is he

er what? Gerrard is damn quick, he may not be Theo Walcott but apart from possibly Torres he's probably the quickest player in the Liverpool team. He's one of the quickest central midfielders in the league (in fact I can't think of anyone quicker) and Carsley kept with him, Carsley was not slow at all and did have pace. He may not have had the pace to play on the wing (although he did play there on occasions, as did Steven Gerrard when he scored about 20 goals in a season - not bad for a 'slow' player on the wing) but as we are talking about central midfielders here then yes, he did have pace for that position.


So no, I'm not happy to lie as that's not what I do, so stop being a tit and actually think about what I'm saying rather than automatically disagreeing with it.

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