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Who Will Take Penalties Next Season?

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Who will take the penalties at Everton next season, as we have beattie an dnow Johnson(hopefully). So lets hear ur views who u think should take the penno's!!

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I think the majority of penalties we get will be won by A.J so why not let him have 'em



based on last season AJ won't win a single penalty because of his reputation as a diver. I have seen every home game and every penalty Aj has won at selhurst and he hasn't dived for one of them. All started because Bruce was upset Aj was so good and tore the scum apart and won two penalties, sore loser claims Aj dived. Ever since then Aj hasn't been awarded penalties. Hopefully now he is back in the premiership there are top referee's who dont award penalties based on stereotypes.


AJ will score them if he takes them, but you have half a squad capable of hitting a penalty.

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