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The Jealous Of Man City Thread

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how the hell do they get taken over in the morning, then in the afternoon bid for half the worlds attacking talent, and we cant meet the asking price for steven fucking hunt!!!


a representative from the group who bought sity said there is no limit to what they can spend, no player is out of the question, they have a list of the worlds top players that they want and berba is only about half way up. initially they will invest £400m-£500m, then they will increse that if they need to. he then stressed there is no limit to what they will do, the only goal is to be number one.


i wonder if BK has actually looked around the UAE for investment? there is plenty of money there and they seem to want into the prem

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I'd laugh my cock off if the bloke who says they're buying them is just some beardy bloke wearing a towel taking the piss!!!

Just wondering why his group are only buying them today?



That would be the biggest piss take ever, if only. This has been on the cards for days it seems, Sparky said at the weekend they would be making a huge announcement, he wasn't joking B)

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To be honest I think that this could be the end of Arsenals hold on top 4 football. City are now owned by people who have ten times Abramovichs wealth! Arsenal simply can't afford to compete anymore. They will be the new/ old spurs. Always also-rans. Unfortunatly, becasue i have always had a soft spot for Arsenal.



It could also mean the end of the shites involvement as well <_<

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