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Newcastle Away Kit

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On Contrast, Standard Lieges new kit is awesome!


Woulden't go as far as saying it was awesome, it's not bad but I'd be miffed if Everton did the same thing in blue. It's not as nice as the one they had in the previous season. It also makes me giggle how Defour is on the back of the shirts, wonder if he will still be in Liege at the start of the new campaign.

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Sung to the tune of American Pie.





A long long time ago, I can still remember

How the Geordies used make me smile

Cos give them even half a chance

They'd f**k things up and still be pants

And Wearside could all be happy for a while

But then Mike Ashley made me shiver

Surely he would soon deliver?

Bad news for the Mackems

Big Sam? He'd surely back him

I remember laughing till I cried

When the messiah hitched another ride

But something made me split my sides

The day that Wise arrived


So bye bye to the Premiership pie

Hope it's sunny down in Scunny

As the coffers run dry

Them fat Geordie boys drinkin broon side by side singing

Villa was the day the Toon died

Villa was the day the Toon died


So the Toon it was your big new love

You gave them Keegan, their God above

Just cos the Geordies told you so

But the idiots worship Ant 'n Dec

And all are short of a full deck

They're so thick you have to speak to them real slow

But I know you were in love with them

Cos you bought them drinks to be your friend

You all kicked of your shoes

Man I dig those "Shoes off" blues

You were a lonely balding cockney f**k

Selling tat to chavs to make a speedy buck

But I knew you were out of luck

The day that Wise arrived




Now for two years you've been in the job

You've proved yourself to be a Grade A knob

But that's not how it had to be

Keegan came, Sam got the chop

The chavs assembled in their replica tops

Predicting you'd win the Cup and Champions' League

But while the messiah was looking down

The cockney mafia arrived in town

The season was adjourned

The gloomy days had returned

And while Ashley acted like Groucho Marx

A boycott was threatened at St James Park

And Geordie women began to bark

The day that Wise arrived.................. .






Helter skelter in the derby swelter

Sunderland 2-1 thanks to Keiran's belter

Eighteen yards and rising fast

Then through to Hotch Potch Park to mock

As the Top Chanter made you a laughing stock

The Joker on the sidelines in a trance

At half-time we're on top by far

All singing "Charlie Insomnia"

We all got set to dance

Oh but we never got the chance

Cos Howard Webb pointed to the spot

When Taylor dived like he'd just been shot

But we knew you couldn't stop the rot

The day that Wise arrived

We started singing..............




And so you ended up in 18th place

The Championship is your rightful place

And now it's time to start again

So come on Mike be nimble, Mike be quick

Hurry and appoint that boring prick

Cos Shearer is the Geordies' only friend

A man who managed one win in eight

With Joseph Merrick as his running mate

To thick Mags that matters not

Appoint him or you'll be shot

And the flames'll climb high into the night

As telephone boxes are set alight

And Mackems laughing with delight

The day that Wise arrived

He was singing.................. ..




So "shoes off if you love the Toon"

It matters not, you've just gone doon

We may meet again some sunny day

If you go down to your superstore

There's a retro shirt from years before

When 7,000 came to watch you play

Cos what deluded Mags forget

Is before Keegan came you were f***ing shit

No words ever spoken

Big club? You must be jokin'

And you know what Mackems love the most?

It's the mournful cries of Jackie's ghost

He caught the last hearse to the coast

The day that Wise arrived.

And he was singing................

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The team they had out was strong as well.

Pretty much a first choice XI (apart from the keeper maybe)?


Krul, Beye, Enrique, Taylor, Coloccini, Barton, Duff, Nolan, Gutierrez, Smith, Martins.


At least a couple of those players (allegedly) could have been facing River Plate tonight if they'd been more interested in their careers than their bank balances. Instead they're being humiliated at Brisbane Road.

Hope they're happy with their choices :D .


Everton targets TAKE NOTE!!

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