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Everton's Money

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where is Everton getting all this money from £8.5 mil and probably another £5 mil for this new defender ;) im not complaining or nothing but they never had that type of money to buy two players before did they? they have only sold Bent and they only got about £2 mil for him???

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Guest fozzie22

shrek money gone..least season..all gone no more.


So far we've spent maybe 6 mill if lescott signs,all this talk of big transfers is Everton spin.


new tv money NEXT season...

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Guest fozzie22

as far as i can see all we've spent is money we have..nothing more certainly nothing less


trouble is more cash is needed to strenghen the squad and by that i dont mean "big" names just a couple of squad players to cover us if we get hit by injuries.

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He might show a bit of confidence in the youngsters, cos i think all departments are well covered now if Lescott signs, well unless we have an earthquake or something. :)


GOAL.................Howard, Martyn, Wright, Ruddy, Turner.


FULLBACK..........Hibbert, Valente, Naysmith, Pistone.


CENTRE HALF......Yobo, Lescott, Stubbs, Weir.


MIDFIELD...........Osman, Davies, Cahill, Arteta, Neville, Kilbane, V D Meyde.


FORWARDS.........Beattie, Johnson, McFadden.


Davey likes to get players who are versatile, and can cover for most positions.


If we do have trouble with lots of injuries we have the players who can move about, joey yobo can cover for right back, phil neville can cover either fullback and anywhere in midfield, osman can play wide or centre, same with kilbane, and arteta can play anywhere across the park wide left, wide right, or in the centre.


on top of that you have a few youngsters who might get on the bench. Vidarsson, Annichebe, Vaughan.

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