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Beckham Told Too Old For England

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Think it was a but cowardly and unfair to announce that Beckham was not going to play for England again on the TV, but for me it just goes to show what a twat this Capello guy is, even if Beckham is too old. He should have been given a little bit more respect than announcing it in an ITV interview, then offering a morsel of condolence with a farewell match.


kbonheda! :rolleyes:

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I agree with both of the previous comments. I thought his reactions on the bench were ridiculous yesterday! He doesnt budge when Stevie G scores to blinders yet when a corner decision goes against us, hes waving his arms around like a mad man...


Yet again though it was another poor performance, saved by two top quality goals. On the plus side Jags did well and most importantly he hasnt picked up an injury!

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beckham is an england legend and was a fantastic captain and is still the best crosser of a ball i have ever seen..what a tool you are capello it's not upto him to tell him he is too old to play again..also sitting on the bench cos he was 'trying a new approach' apparently..too scared to take the shit that he deserves more like! i'm sick of him

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Guest Blue4You

Is Capello really pulling the strings?


Maclaren dropped Beckham in a big 'I'm the boss' fashion, but really he crumbled under media pressure. Fans everywhere were disgruntled, and eventually the team were affected, failed to qualify, and Maclaren lost his job. Much of what Capello has done so far strikes me as a manager following orders. Again, Beckham is being used as the first change, and it's down right disrespectful to a great servant to English football.


I see this as the first step to Capello losing his job. It looks a little constructive, and if he did it off his own back, then it seems a little self destructive.


Lampard, Gerrard, Ferdinand, Terry, Cole, Barry, Zamora, Robinson, James, Green, Brown, Carragher, Upson, King, Carrick, Parker, and Crouch are all between the ages of 29 and 32 with James (40) and Beckham (35) respectively.


Few of these players will see action in the next World Cup, if any. Capello should be sitting down with Premiership managers, (not necessarily literally) and advisors, and gaining an insight into who the next generation of players are, and who is ready.


We have 4 years in which to build for a World Cup, and 2 years for the European Championships. We can keep the oldies another 2 years, play the European tournament, then kick them out of the squad before the next WC, or clear the dead wood now, and give the next generation 4 years in which to prepare and become a team. I see no benefit in trying to keep the England team heading in the same direction. There will be enormous pressure to play certain players, but I feel those players need to make way, and make way very soon.


It won't happen though, as sponsors will probably put the squeeze on for not playing their 'assets'. The FA will no doubt pull most of the strings, and when the chance to be rid of Capello comes, they'll grasp it with both hands and appoint an 'English' manager.


There are lots of players in and around Premiership first 11's that could do a job for England. Here are just a few:


Hart (23)

G Johnson (25)

Jags (27)

Lescott (27)

Baines (25)

Shawcross (22)

A Johnson (23)

Wilshire (18)

Rodwell (19)

Huddlestone (23)

Milner (24)

Rooney © (24)

Agbonlahor (23)

A Young (25)

J Defoe (27)

Shawcross (22)

Dawson (26)

A Lennon (23)

A Ramsey (19)

D Bent (26)

S Carson (24)

S Taylor (24)


Then there's the Under 21 lads (quoted from the net)


Frank Fielding (22)

Alex McCarthy (20)

Michael Mancienne (22)

Chris Smalling (20)

Kyle Walker (20)

Martin Kelly (20)

Phil Jones (18)

Henri Lansbury

Danny Rose (20)

Tom Cleverley (21)

Jack Cork (21)

Marc Albrighton (20)

Jordan Henderson (20)

Victor Moses(age 19)

Daniel Sturridge(age 20)

Danny Welbeck (age 19)


Some of the above are ready to give the England job a whirl. The problem is that we can't be sure if the FA and their Mr Capello are ready. In either case, when the time comes, the national press will no doubt build players up, and knock others down, and the muppets in charge ( unless they get the heck out of it ) will continue with their nodding dog impression.


Sorry for waffling. I think we were all disappointed about the World Cup performance.


Would anyone see Beckham as a future manager?

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someone else on the board said somewhere about just dumping the old guard now and gettin the fresh young players in and just sending them into the euros cos it is the world cup everyone wants..they'd get the experience of a tournament under them and then could progress onto the world cup having been together for years and played and grown up together...i'd agree and be more than happy with this but maybe keep a couple around to help them through but mainly put younger players in the team and phase out the 3 of 4 'big names' that are getting on a bit..

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I'm telling you this guy can't be trusted. How can he say Beckham is too old, and then turn around and say he wants Scholes to play, who is actually older than Becks. Whatever this guy says, five minutes later he's saying something contradictory.




Scholes made a comment about the World Cup being the biggest competition, and maybe he would have thought about it differently if he'd have been given time to make a decision. Scholes will be 40 at the next World Cup, and I'm not really sure he'll feel the same about a European Champs, maybe, but is this really the type of player you should be investing the future of English football in. In my humble opinion, this is completely ridiculous.

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it's bollocks...saw in the paper too that he is going to omit wilshere even though he's had a great start to the season..now normally i dont trust papers but it wouldn't shock me..the man is backwards


edit: just seen the U21 squad didn't notice it before :lol: didn't read the full article cos i try not to turn the page if i can help it cos it's full of shite..wilshere should be in for me at least a place on the bench

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