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David Vaughan

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i would disagree both those players would get into most prem teams outside top 6.

Possibly but that's not the point....he said..


"...the Welsh in the EPL at the moment are at a very high standard."

..and neither Bellend or Ramsay currently play in the Premier League :) .

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Yeah i read Sunderland have offered him a deal, touch wood....


On the BBC gossip column it says 'Blackpool midfielder David Vaughan, 28, is eyeing a Premier League return with Sunderland after rejecting a new contract offer, believed to be in the region of £10,000-a-week.

Fully story: Daily Express'



also linked with West Brom as well



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The glass half full side of me makes me think that with him and Larsson going to Sunderland when we are crying out for a winger, gives me hope that we're in for even better wingers than those who we could have got on a free and wages Sunderland can afford.

The glass half empty says we're that financially fecked and cant afford a free because of the wage constraint. Do we even have a pot to piss in?

Hopefully we'll swoop in for Vaughan, reckon he would be a good fit and do a job, could be the next Zinedine Kilbane!

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