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March Injury List

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It looks as if even though March was a good month for results its been the worst for injuries.


Fellani gone for season

Arteta out for prob another 4 weeks

Saha looks to be gone with ankle ligaments judging by what he says about soreness so thats at least 6 weeks

Rodwell and Coleman gone now for a couple of weeks possibly maybe more

Yakubu and Vaughan are gone on loan so Beckford is the last one left officially speaking.


ITs looking really tight for the last few weeks although one has to wonder will that up the perfomances more as for the oddest reason we play well against the odds and get little luck when we have a full squad. Not looking forward to the run in if this list grows!!


Lads really need to pull some results outta the bag now!!


I think all these ankle issues are too much work on astro or false surfaces as they are really hard on ankles or else the training ground/pitches are too soft. Eitherway it sucks!

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Might mean Gueye gets his chance now that Baxter is enjured too, definitely some game time anyway. Will mean Vellios will get a position on the bench and (god help him) Bily, will probably start.


Next team line-up? If Cahill is also out. If Not replace Vic with Tim.








Subs: Mucha, Mustafi, Barkley, Gueye, Vellios, Silva, Cahill (If as seen above different)

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Your not wrong mate, were getting a little short of players just now arent we!

The fewer players we have available the better we play B) .


Think Davey should clear the decks in the summer and start next season with a squad of eleven....we'd be unstoppable :P .

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