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New sponsor - "Big Cola"


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I think it's £1.5m each too

dammit. Still. 1,5m is not to be sniffed at. Are my calculations correct about Yobo too? Might we be closing that 5m debt per year gap by 3.5 then?


edit: Plus his transfer fee, do we break even?!

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- ok so lets do the Blue Union thing and let them release it. See if we can get some sympathies from some fans and then release the good news such as this new sponsor and the new morgage that we cleared a couple of weeks ago.


Fancy that, everton a brand in existence over 100 years, more years in top flight than any other club making some commercial deals. Way ahead of the rest, united and arsenal must be green with envy.

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Some more information on Best Buy:




Best Buy's move to sponsor Everton comes as it bids to establish a greater resonance in the eyes of UK customers.


It already has existing sport sponsorship activities in the US, such as motor sport sponsorship.


The commercial partnership marks the first time that Everton has partnered with an official technology partner. The duration of the commercial partnership has not been disclosed.


To celebrate the deal, Best Buy will launch a match day competition that gives Everton fans the opportunity to win a £500 Best Buy gift card.


At every home game at Everton’s Goodison Park, a camera will swoop across the crowd and pick out an Evertonian to be the lucky winner of the Best Buy-Best Fan competition.


Ian Boyton, sponsorship and events manager at Best Buy UK, said: "We know how important the club is to the supporters and we hope we can use our partnership to crate an amazing match day experience for fans both in the ground and in their loving rooms.


Spelling mistakes aren't mine, everyone wants a "loving room" ;)

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Haf, even you've got to admit that unveiling three new sponsors in a week is impressive? wink.png


Crabbies, Big Cola and Best Buy

yes and no Louis, yes becuase it makes the club look like they are trying to sort themselves out of this chaos, but no from the point of view that manure signed a deal, just to sponsor their training kit that will probably work out more than all 3 of those put together, and has it given the manager any money? well no, it will go staight to the bank wont it

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