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Reginald D Hunter at PFA awards

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anyone else find clark carlisle irritating?


He has a very strange way of talking, like a bloke with not a huge amount of education trying to use big words for the sake of it....used to have a secretary at a place I worked once who was common as shite (not in a bad way, she was brilliant) but sounded like she was trying to be the queen whenever she was on the phone, was hilarious. Similar thing.


On RDH, agree with Mark.

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I dont see the issue. They could have just ignored this and say they booked an act considered as outrageous by some, but contemporary by others.

They have made the issue so much worse. They have shown they are out of touch and shit scared when it comes to racism.


Carlisle, considering he is a big advocate of getting more black coaches and managers sounds like he is saying "we should have booked a safer white comedian."



This link basically says it all for me.


If anyone has seen Kevin Bridges act, he played Man Utd's chirstimas party, he apparently refered to Giggs as shagger, not relevant but funny.

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Clark Carlisle talks in the same way as Garth Crooks - speaking slowly does not make you more thoughtful, eloquent or intelligent (forest gump spoke slowly), I find it patronising and sanctimonious (Maggie Thatcher springs to mind).

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