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Who would you poach?

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I know we started to talk about it elsewhere, but who would you steal from the relegated teams? You can name a total of 5 candidates from the 2 teams already down, and any of the other potentials:


Team - Points

Stoke 40


Fulham 40
Aston Villa 40
Southampton 39
Norwich 38
Newcastle 38
Sunderland 37
Wigan 35
Reading 28
QPR 25


Id go with

Reading - McCarthy as long term replacement for T-How.

Wigan - McManaman, MrArthur

Villa - Weimann

Norwich - Hoolahan


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Stoke 40 - Shotton, Begovic, Kacaniklic

Fulham 40 - Ruiz, Reither
Aston Villa 40 - Rather we used our own kids, Albrighton or Weimann at a push.
Southampton 39 - Lallana, Clyne, Yoshida, Gaston, and either striker (can see Southampton being my second team next year)
Norwich 38 - Hoolahan
Newcastle 38 - Ben Arfa, Cabaye or Tiote, Cisee
Sunderland 37 - Mignolet
Wigan 35 - McCarthy, Maloney, Kone, McManaman
Reading 28 -
QPR 25 - Remy, Mackie, Barton
Don't think there is many who woud make our bench from the teams above. Highlighted players good enough to be regulars.
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Guest blueboy122

What about Johnny Walters from Stoke?


Always liked him as a person and a player. Good freind of mine so I am biased but he can do a job.

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