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Monaco is building something massive

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Monaco being a tax haven already has an advantage over rival french clubs. They can pay more in wages knowing that they have to pay little tax. This is giving them an unfair advantage over rival clubs, especially now that the french goverment is increasing the income tax for football players. (to a level where the likes of Ibra etc probably will look elsewhere. Its not that they are greedy, the new tax is a monster of a tax)


Now with the funding that Monaco have since the takeover they are now also one of the richest clubs in the world. A massive transfer kitty is now doing its job and Monaco are creating a monster of a team.


Latest signings





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Once again I'll say it - Victor Valdes only played for Barcelona because he's from Catalonia. He's one of the worst goalkeepers I've ever seen, if he ever moves away from the Nou Camp the world will realise how piss poor he really is.


I hate Monaco too, they're just another Man City. All their players are greedy mercenaries wanting £600,000 for doing fuck all. They won't even be in Europe this season so it proves that everyone they sign is only in it for money.


They will probably win the league considering their only rival for it is PSG who will have to play in the Champions League and therefore have more games to play. I hope it all goes tits somehow and they end back down in Ligue 2.



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They will be a good team to watch (and a good team to play with on FIFA 14) but from a football point of view they are killing the game. I'm not too fussed about them buying Hulk though as they are buying off another game killing team Zenit.


Next to Anichebe, Hulk is a Rodney Trotter.

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It should be quite funny when the other Ligue 1 clubs decide to tell Monaco to either start paying tax or fuck off.


As for their playing squad it looks like they're going to be a Porto best of, which should be great to watch, although I hope it goes wrong soon.

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