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Reasons to ban members


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I have decided that during Wimbledon that anyone who mentions tennis should receive a ban and 40 lashes. :dry:


I feck I mentioned tennis myself :leggit:


Doh That's twice I said Tennis :crying:


Three times :major overreaction alert:


120 Lashes? Can I choose Sharapova to administer the punishment? :wub:


Oh feck she plays tennis . :I surrender:


160 lashes :angry: :Red card:

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No, due to injury causing her to miss the tournament we've engaged Venus Williams as TT enforcer....she'll be round shortly Rubes :P.


Damn I knew there was a flaw to that plan. Oh by the way I haven't replied to this thread as i am banned for starting it :lol:

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I hate this 'sport'. I hate this tournament. I hate everybody who is involved with it - even the ball boys and girls (ball people?). I hate the old balls. I hate the new balls. I hate the net. I hate the umpires and the umpires chairs. I hate the crowd. I hate the strawberries and cream. I hate the people who rent their houses out to the players, 'celebrities', etc for the two weeks this pile of shite is in progress. I hate it all, including the bits I can't be arsed to mention. It is irrelevant.


I feel much the same about rugby.

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Tennis, see snooker (now), indoor bowls, swimming, golf, badminton etc, and anything else worthy of inclusion - all boring, banal mundane sports and activities.


Some silly individuals leaping around in front of an equally boring mundane audience with irritating shouts and outbursts and hitting a stupid little ball over a net and everyone clapping like performing seals, and the final, and the winner gets a trophy from an obligatory obscure member of the 'royal' family - and leather faced Sue Barker - and then it's all over for another year. Lot of dull fucking activities for sure.


I used to like it when they had those kids at the side of play and at the sight of one dark cloud or a spot or drizzle, everyone would shit themselves and race out with big plastic covers and sheets and general mayhem ensued. But we don't see that now as they've introduced retractable roofs, at least on the main court.


Whatever occurs now, won't be watching. Connors, McEnroe, Borg were decent names that generated some mild excitement, but those days are long beyond.

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