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Pokemon Go


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My Posts Are Rubbish? Sorry Young Man, I Shall Try To Improve My Input.


I've Not Been On This Forum Long And I've Already Been Told To Change The Way I Post On Two Occasions. Is It The Norm On A Forum Like This?


Regarding The Capitals, My Computer Has Changed The Title Case For Every Word. I'm Not Computer Literate Enough To Change This. Sorry For Any Offenses Caused.


My Son Is A Programmer, He Works In Code And Script, Maybe He's Done Something?

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The bugs have been fixed it's running smoooooth now. My youngest is at level 22 atm my older biy who is bone fucking idle is level 15


I'm going to bed dreaming of Slowpokes, pokestops, lucky eggs and incenses.


I drove around for a full hour the other day looking for this bastard shadow on my youngests pokeradar thingy. He spotted it and was "Dad please can I find it, please" I was driving at 10mph everywhertrying to find the little fucker. It disappeared I done a bouncer back it came. Eventually located it getting out the car up an alley!!! Fucking hell.


One thing I will say for it thiugh, it's got both my boys out walking the dog with me trying to hatch eggs where as before alls they wanted to do was sit in the house playing xbox or watching their ipads. It's really REALLY good for get the lazy arsed generation of kids off their arses and walking.

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