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Cheapo Car Insurance


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Sorry about this Andy, but the only way mine came down was to drive like a jessie for three years get the old no-claims up and then buy an oldish car.


I don't think there is a quick fix to this one, Lickers advice is probably the best.





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Is it your first years insurance or been insured berfore.


If 1st years i remember what that was like.


9 years ago I passed and got an old Ford Fiesta 1.1 A reg. Car only cost me £500 but cost me £750 to insure it 3rd Party.


Bloody rip off.


I use Tesco and they were half the price or my previous insurer but that was with about 4 years no claims.


I think you can get parents to insure it but not sure if you get the no claims so will be in same position a year later I think

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Theres no simple way to get it down but if i remember rightly Direct Line are now issuing no claims bonus to both main and named drivers on the same car so if one of your parents is willing to insure it with you as a named driver then try them.


A few of my mates got granparents who owned no car insure theirs as main driver and the premiums dropped realy low because they were old!

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Andy just put a wig on and call yaself mandy and get yaself down to shelias wheels!!! (Who else would like to see the person who thought of that to suffer some pain?)




I like sheilas wheels, specially the blonde

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