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Lee Trundle?

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Swans fans putting one and one together to make three I think.


On Saturday, upon answering a question about ever playing at Goodison Park (don't know why he was asked), Trundle said on TV..


"..It would be a dream come true to play for Everton..."


I live in Swansea, and a lot of my colleagues are massive Swansea and Trundle fans, and they all love him to bits.


But, I don't think they should worry to much about a £2M bid for him. At 29 years old I think he has developed a bit to late for any seriouse Premiership money to come in for him.

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Two more goals for Trundle at the weekend, the second one was a clearance by their goalie, trundle standing about 30 yds out collects on his chest and puts it straight back over the goalies head. If it was on match of the day it would be goal of the month. Fabulous goalscorer. 17 NOW IN 16 GAMES.


Got to be worth a go, if only to cheer up the supporters, we've got feck all else to cheer us up.

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Ive seen him a few times on the championship and hes not a bad player... for lower leagues that is. Still if its a bargin buy im all for it, but 2 problems with him: 1. Fat 2. no real pace. But we know fat isnt always a problem (scummy rooney who needs 2 die) <- he can still play amazing footy.

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Last week on the penalty spot the ball came to him with 3 defenders around him in a crowded area, all had a go at tackling him, he did 2 drag backs and a little shimmy and never moved more than 6inches,and left them for dead, whacked it in and hit the goalie with it, but someone put the rebound in. sheer magic.


You dont need speed if you have skills like that, we are talking about getting Roy Keane at the age of 34.!!. Well at 29 Trundle has got to be worth taking a chance with, He's not going to bankrupt us.


maybe till end of season loan with options if he gets himself fit.??? cant see any top class players coming here.



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known about him for a while and was never keen on him comin here, but at the moment it is starting to change my mind, i want him here in january. £1m isnt gunna kill us, we'd get that back on bent!


if he got his chance here he would have to knuckle down, if he didnt u could get the £1m back easy

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I must admit, I am beginning to come around to the idea of going in for Trundle.


1. as some have said his skill with a ball makes up for his lace of pace

2. being 'fat' is a rubbish comment, he is just a stocky lad.

3. It's his 'dream' to put on an Everton shirt - how may player say that.

4. I think he would be better than Bent and McFadden (what we have already got)

5. He will be cheap both transfer wise and wages

6. He is probabley the most featured British player on soccer AM's showboat, so what he does with a ball is no fluke.


The size of the goal in the Prem is the same as the lower league - 23 goals last season (and he had a couple of breaks in the season due to and injury). He steps up a level, and just starts scoring more this season.


Only one way to find out if he can cut it in the Prem, give him a chance. And he is a player we would land, no problem.


I am not saying he should be our main target - but he could end up being a very good stocking filler.


I live and work in Swansea with some fanatical Swans fans, and they just love Trundle to bits, and as part of his Swans contract he also has 50% of his image rights. I think he is the only player in the UK (outside the Prem) that has this type of deal.


I am totally with you Willo - I don't think he could do anything more on the football pitch to catch Everton's eye - He deserves a chance.

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I am not saying he should be our main target - but he could end up being a very good stocking filler.


:D like that christmas theme there rob!! totally agree with that post mate, as ive sed before from what ive seen of the lad hes a quality act..i would rather see him on the bench then bent!


let hope we get the main present - keane

and the stocky stockin filler - trundle


and if all goes well ronaldiniho and henry :lol:

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"I think deep down if a Premiership club comes in, no Swansea fan would begrudge me moving on to the top flight. I'm an Everton fan and I'd give anything to play for them, and I think everyone knows that."


if we want him hes there for the takin, i would have him :D

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One think about Trundle with his trickery is that he will draw plenty of fouls around the box.


Very low risk buy in January, will always get most of the money back in the summer if he really wasn't up to Prem standard.


Wages will be minimal as will transfer fee, and would want to come to us.

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