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Your Favourite Or Worst Player


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present AJ

all time big dunc

past sharpy, dixie, ratty, big nev

worst "and the oh jesus award for worst Everton player is" oh no its a tie! between mitch ward, gareth farrelly, claus thomsen, richard wright, bakayoko, nick barmby, abel xavier (the list goes on and i frankly cant be bothered to scroll into my minds archives!)


overseas best players, raul and pippo inzaghi

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Only remember as far back as the 80's so can't really comment on players later than that



Present - At this moment in time has to be AJ

Past - Derek Mountfeild (something particuly satifying about a defender scoring for fun)

All Time - Southhall, Reid, Sheedy, Stevens, Sharpy... (Given the last 20 odd year - the whole of the mid eights team has a special place for me and most other over 30's as well)

Worst - Afraid just to many to mention over the last 10 year


No offence, but seeing Big Dunc as many peoples all time fav player - just shows what a shortage of decent talent we have see at Goodison over the last 20 year. (He is better know for thuggery than any of his attributes as a footballer - he was injured most of the time)


Lets hope the current crop can erase Dunc of the list.

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I would like to know your favourite player past,present, and all time.

Also you think was the worst player.

Mine Present Tim Cahill

All time Duncan Ferguson

Past Alan Ball Joe Royle Bob Latchford Gordon West

Worst Richard Wright




the all best footy player is alan shear was and still is i think because he break the all best goal scorer.


ATB robbiemac

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