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Would be happy for him to move on and wasn't happy when he was given another year contract but he has been a good servant to the club and deserves a testimonial.


i agree with that mate completely, was fuming when he got a new contract, never rated the guy for some reason,but always seems to be amazing when he plays for scotland

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yeh. people are so negative about him and i agree that he is old now and needs to move on at the end of the season. but we need to say that he has been a great servant to us. always committed and saved us on a few occasions (had a cracking season when we finished 4th).


id give him a testimonial. he deserves it.

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i dont understand the whole thing that he should move on at the end of the year, the fella isnt draining our cash like the big fella was, his experience and knowledge will help our younger players, and i include Yobo and Lescott in that, even if hes only here for on the training field and for cover, maybe even bring in cover to stand before him, but he is of benefit to the club even if hes not playing, the same goes for Stubbsy in my opinion too

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Agree with Liam on this one, their experience is vital. If yobo and lescott get injured the boy Hughes would be shitting himself. I think two experience players in the squad can do no harm.


The left mid point is a good one but I think that should be addressed without getting rid of any defenders, it would free up much money and we wont get a fee for them. Money from killa and surely their is another few quid hanging about? (optimisitc i know :lol: )

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