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Green Day & U2 - Saints Are Coming


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Strange. Is it a charity record? Bit late if it is...don't like it especially. Don't understand the point of the vid either...U2 and Green Day would usually be straight down the middle anti-Bush and Global Warming awareness plug, which I'm sure it is but I don't understand why.

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As Mike said.. it just seems pointless as its too late and the video is daft. I don't think its a charity single primarily - just propaganda.

As promised, we are very proud to unveil the big news we've hinted at. In the coming weeks, we'll be going into the studio the studio with U2 to record a cover of the song "The Saints Are Coming," which was originally recorded by Scottish punk band, The Skids. We were asked by U2 to record the song with them to benefit Music Rising (www.musicrising.org), an organization that replaces instruments musicians lost in Hurricane Katrina's wake. One year later, the devastation is still fresh in our minds, and we'd like to keep it in yours. New Orleans has always been a special city to us, being a hotbed of music and creativity, and it's hard to believe parts of the gulf region still remain devastated. We feel that it's important to continue to raise awareness.

Zed - are you speakers switched on? :)


All you need to do is to open registry editor by going to Start menu, Run, typing regedit and then Enter. After that, in the registry editor, walk yourself through the tree in the left pane, till you reach


My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32


And then on the right pane, right click and click on New, select String value, enter "wavemapper" (without quots of course), ENTER, type "msacm32.drv", ENTER.


Close the editor. No need to restart. Video on Google and YouTube et al would work fine now.

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Lol @ Jack Boot Johnny Howard the Oz prime minister who looks like the mole from Danger Mouse.


U2 are touring & Bono requested a summit with the oz PM.


Upon request & after being told Bono would be playing the Sydney Football Stadium saturday night...Fukwit prime Minister replied...


Oh Is this Bobo Fellow a Rugby Player...????

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