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Charlton V Everton Streaming Tv


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Okay, most regular posters on here will know that I post up every Saturday asking for a link to a stream, or whether anybody know's what channel the blue are playing on...


Anyway, I started my research earlier this week and I found this website which lists what world TV stations are showing the games live...


Click here for the website


To watch the games, you need to download certain pieces of software...


SOPcast Click here to download zip file.


have a play around with it and best of luck and happy watching!



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I was not only thinking about tomorrow though...


For those games where it is not being shown on one the satellite stations, you can watch one of the Asia channels...its worth it...after all it's free. I have also loaded SOPcast onto laptop in case I am away with work.


I have just been testing the channels too. I have 8mb broadband on my PC and 2mb on my laptop and on either the quality is only slightly less as good as normal TV.

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Tried these sites anumber of times Andy without any joy but I'll have another go, not tomorrow though...forgot it was an early KO and agreed to visit granddaughter....curses :angry: .


Mikeo...don't bother with the sites which you have to pay for...all they do is provide the information of where the game is being hosted.


Doing it the way I explained above, allows you to find the channel manually, rather than paying for it, then simply open the downloaded software (SOPcast) which will have been added to your start>all programs list, click of SOPcast, log in as anonymous then log in. You will then be able to find the channel in the channel list and view once it has opened and finished buffering.


Good luck mate

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Ive watched many a game streaming via KooTv & PPlive. Another I ahve used was TVAnts


Sometimes comm was in madarin or whatever......Just turned it down etc.


Just had a looked & seems ive fuked of all my old links etc.


However, Maxxxed Fbtz is a good source & often has weekly match programming links & what source to use etc.





Found this streaming tv gizzy can be a bit of a fuk around to get set up & patience is a real key. Though, personally got pretty satisfactory results.


Have bitten Bullet now & now have Fox this end.....Was either that or ZERO Football on the telly.

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So far I have been unavailable to find it on SOPcast...but I have found that it is being streamed on http://www.fltv.cc/amember/member.php .


You will need to register and have Winamp installed on your PC and you certainly will need a broadband connection. There is a £2 charge too.


I have used this service before and it seemed to work perfectly well for me.


Good luck!

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right - i think im onto a winner.


anybody who has SopCast - channel 13807


or go to myp2p.eu


this site shows the matches and also has direct links to open in SopCast or what ever other programme you may be using. there is also a link on the left hand side to download all the other programmes this site uses.


pretty much everything you will need to watch nearly every sporting event is on this site.



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it is working perfectly well for me...no buffering or anything!


If you have any other download software open, such as BitTorrent, Limewire, Kazza, Emule, as well as IE, Firefox, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc open, you need to close them down...


The less you are taking from the web, the clearer and stronger the stream.


Mine is not TV quality, but it is not far from it! Honest!



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