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Well Davey


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All the best to a terrific servant and one of my favourite player for some years.


Always give it his all and was some CB in his day, I'm sure he can still cut it in Scotland


One of the best buys I've seen in my lifetime and wish him all the best.


Good luck David.




(it was posted in the rumarma i know but so what, I wanted one in here :P)

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Aheeem..Well Pat said it 2 weeks ago....Thank you Fans, airconditioners & other electrical appliances.


Though didnt take a rocket scientist. New managers always sign a cple & often look a tried n trusted trooper, Weir ticked all boxes.


I also would like to Wish David well, a great servant as far as the modern era goes - A model pro, whom always carried himself in the highest order.


A player who leaves this club with his head held high & makes his exit with allround esteem .


Best of luck.

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Thank you David W!!!.... When u were at ur peak with us,there was Man Utd lurking around for you, a slightest hint from you would have made you a ManUtd player but you chose to be an Evertonian.In a world where footballers run after big $$$. You have my best wishes and respect,,,,salute!~

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