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What Are You Watching?


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Thought why not start / try a What are You / have you been Watching ? thread.


We regularly talk about telly shows, movies etc -> so logic suggested why not have a lil thread.



Lat night (After Earl) I watched a DVD - Blood Diamond - Leornardo Decraprio & Djimon Honsu.


Pretty damned good 2.


( Mostly to do with the Bloody handed Diamond Trade funded civil war out of Sierra Leonne in the late 90's)


Seems to be an African theme of late & the equally Brilliant Babel & Last King Of Scotland are also set on the continent.


P.s Forrest whittaker is outstanding as Idi Amin.


What are /have you been watching ?

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Saw Blood Diamond a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was very good, I'm no expert but I thought Leo did a good accent as well.


I watched that The Good Shepherd, you know the one Bobby de Niro did with Matt Damon. I thought it was absolutly crap, I WANT MY 2 HOURS BACK!!


Talking of South African films Pat, u ever seen Hotel Rwanda, came out a couple of years ago. Another top film :)

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Im watching a show called Fox Football Fone-In. Its a 2 hour call in show where they discuss what took place over the week in football. It's hosted by two Englishmen and broadcasted for Americans. They also do a podcast on itunes. It is nice to hear Americans call in and actually talk about the sport.


After that I plan on watching a show on cbs called Shark. It is a fairly new crime drama about a lawyer in LA. James Woods is the main actor.It actually is entertaining to watch.


Then to finish off the night Seinfeld. Can never go wrong with that. Do they still show Seinfeld in the UK?

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Watched Hot Fuzz on wed night. AMAZIN!!!! absolutly brilliant film. Watched abit of Hotel Babylon last night.


That looks really good...was watching Simon Pegg on Top Gear the other night and when they showed the clip I thought the "Somerfield" looked familiar. Then he said they were running around Wells with guns and it all became clear...used to live there and my in-laws still do. When we visited sometime last year a big part of the market place was closed off for filming so I had to find somewhere else to park....cursed the film crew at the time :lol: .

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Just watched the DEPARTED, ( lazy sundee arfternoon on couch 2 day wathcin flix ) really really really good, had to trade off watching Dreamgirls next though with the boss.


Never know, might be ok.


Edit: Awww im An old softy, Ill take back my pre-conceived Dreamgirls comment, it was fantastic, Eddie Murphy was fantastic , the Hudson Girl was outstanding, Beyonce could raise & stiffy from the dead & Jaime Fox very strong as usual.


Bit music heavy, but hey it's Mot-town so no loss & was a great ride.


My Girl cried so ill be tearing one off tonight 4 sure.


Winner all round.

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Watched "Crash" last night (the 2005 oscar winning one, not plane into mountain one). It was really good, at first the whole "race" thing was getting a bit itresom but once the film stopped fixating on this it became a brilliant film. Some really good performances, a very good script and some of the editing was top notch, espciallt when the mexican lock-smith is confronted by the arabic shop owner (i wont say what happens in case anyone hasn't seen it, but this part of the film in particluar was done vrey well)


The thing i liked most about the film was its use of multiple plot-lines, normally i think that this doens't work so well, after pulp fiction loads of films have started to utalise this and have not pulled it off, but this film really managed to do so. The most telling thing is that if you took one characters plot-line out it would be detrimental to the rest of the film. (what i mean by this is that they havn;t just put each characters storyline in for the sake of it, they are all interconected.)


if anyone hasn't seen it its worth checking out,

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i've lost touch with prison break wheres it up to at the moment?


Er...episode eight on channel 5 where they're running away from the bad guys...or episode eighteen in the US where they're...um...running away from the bad guys, except for one of the bad guys becoming temporarily one of the good guys...or did he...or is he still? Hope that's cleared it up for you Si :lol: .

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