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Goodison Park


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I know this may be slightly off topic, but Goodison in my mind is like a woman you fantasised over when you were younger, as you get older and gain perspective she is revealed to be what she is, shabby and not what you thought she was.


I love the place with a passion, but she is still an old lady who's former beauty is now behind her. All the glossy pictures and facelifts will do nothing to improve the image. Just a thought.





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it is a shame how the mighty Goodison park has fell over the years.

i like that photo!

it may not be comfy, it may not be pretty. but its ours!

there's a hell of a lot of character in that picture


True but where else in the world would you pay £35.00 to sit on a seat like that? There's no leg room to speak of, where the fuck does Mark put his legs?! That's what I'd like to know!

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Plastic seats!....Wooden seats!.....You know for 90mins if the football right you hardly

notice.I still think in 5 years time when a lot of teams have moved to their new concrete

super domes,with plush seats and nice toilets,their fans will(if were still there)come

to Goodison,and yes will obviously taunt us with "what a shit hole",whilst at the same

time being envious of the atmosphere and passion of the crowd.

And as they troop out of the old stadium that Goodison undoubtedly is.....they will be

thinking"yeh well they beat us today!and there above us in the league!and yes they've

got a great team at the moment!"......but we've got nice seats back at our wonder

stadium.....I bet the Everton fans would swap with us!!


If we move,that alone wont make us a better team....just ask Man City fans.

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