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  1. 13 hours ago, Gwlad all over said:

    Pass on our thanks for what she and her colleagues are doing.

    Really appreciate it Gwlad. It’s incredible the work they are doing at the moment. I will be sure to show her this as she needs a boost at the moment.

    Obviously I can’t say too much, but when your life long partner comes back from work each day in tears, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to help, it’s tough to watch. 

    I thought it was tough being an Everton supporter haha.

  2. 17 hours ago, Palfy said:

    I know mate it’s not good is it, I must sympathise with your better half having you moping around can’t be good😉
    How is it effecting the kids you coach is that been stopped yet or are you still able to carry on. 

    We’ve stopped it for the time being. They are struggling to understand at the moment and keep asking when we’re playing again 🙁

    Im an emotional wreck over this haha. 

  3. We absolutely have to look for a new right back. Teams are actually targeting us there now.

    We also have to have either a pacy box to box midfielder, or a Gana type that can read the midfield. At the moment we are done if anyone hits us with pace, or plays a ball through the middle of the park. 

  4. 37 minutes ago, duncanmckenzieismagic said:

    If he was half the player Gana was I would sign him tomorrow, sadly he isn’t fit to lace his boots so I would pass on the option of signing him and take a chance on Jonjoe 

    Think PeteO broke into Palfys account again.

  5. 1 hour ago, Palfy said:

    I said it in an earlier post I wouldn’t buy him because of his lack of ability with the ball, but you can’t fault his work rate and he does make some good challenges. 
    For me I liken him to Gana for all the good work he does winning the ball, that then becomes in significant when he keeps giving it away in dangerous areas. 
    For me we need players that can play as well as fight. 

    You’ve been starting to make sense recently... then you go and ruin it all haha.

  6. He actually made a very good goal saving tackle today. 
    It’s just having him on the pitch means teams start 1-0 up.

    When you hear the commentators say ‘He battles, tries, and is always willing, it’s just when he’s on the ball it lets him down’ ... then you know there’s an issue. 

  7. So the question was, who would we rather have, Abraham or DCL? 
    Not doing this to pick a fight though, more because I said Abraham was on a purple patch at the time and DCL was on a dry patch. Short term and long term are two very different visions.

    Now we have watched them both for most of a season. Have people changed their mind? Has it become a closer race? Or do some still prefer Abraham?

  8. 17 hours ago, markjazzbassist said:

    i'm sorry i think you misunderstood, i'm not saying to buy to resell, i'm saying buy young to get the world beaters before they are world beaters, ala ronaldo at united, not ronaldo at madrid.  Going for broke on 1 or 2 campaigns is short sighted and something we've been doing for years.  

    Sorry I thought you were thinking of resale values. Yes I agree with finding the hidden gems while they are young and cheap.

  9. 10 hours ago, c1982 said:

    The moment the ball is played forward, Sigurdsson is offside so it doesn’t matter that it hit the defender. If the defender had control of the ball and passed it back then there wouldn’t be any offside.

    This is and has been the rule since the offside rule was invented as far as I know. 

    Similar to the Shits goal in the 80’s euro final. Was it McDermot lying on the floor injured when they scored? The opposition cries for offside, but the goal was given. The big difference was he was to the side and not involved at all.

    But for me Gylfi didn’t make any impact on the outcome and the goal should have stood.

  10. 16 hours ago, markjazzbassist said:

    its just not smart for the club.  people continually bitch about gylfi, morgan, delph, because we bought them too late and have no exit plan in case they don't work out.  we don't need another of those.

    I think this is the direction we’re trying to go in though.

    With Carlo and Marcel here. We’re trying to get away from being a club that buys for resale value. We want to become a club that buys players to make an impact on the team and win things, not just for resale value. 

    leave that to the Southamptons.

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