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  1. agreed romey and well said, thanks for the write up.
  2. Agreed Romey, I think he's wanted to stay here and hopefully Gerrard having a word with him will help him make up his mind. Plus he's gotta love Roberto for playing him, I mean if he went to a bigger club he'd probably get less playing time due to rotation.
  3. wonderful post cornish steve, i agree wholeheartedly. I can't wait to see the Transfer dealings this January and Summer and see what direction we move in. Not every signing will be James McCarthy, Barry, Lukaku, he'll have some hiccups (Kone), but I think on the whole, he will continue to move this club in a positive and upward direction.
  4. great point, i was going to say mourinho is having a tough go at it as well. he keeps losing to lower sides whereas man u is dropping points against the big clubs/middle table clubs. mourinho to me should be sacked before moyes. moyes has a WAY worse team and bundled his first transfer market. Mourinho on the other hand has a great team and said his only target was Rooney, botched that and got Old Eto'o and loaned out Romelu and then claimed he was done and didn't need to do anything (pride before the fall). Well see with the January transfer market which sides get straightened out. A
  5. to be honest i don't see either the US or England making it out of their groups. Italy and Uruguay will win that group, and Germany and Portugal should take the other group. i think the next world cup will be great for the US, with all the german players (fabian johnson, john anthony brooks, terrence boyd, timmy chandler, danny williams, julian green?) and the young americans (aron johannson, jozy altidore, michael bradley, matt besler, omar gonzalez) will all be in their late 20's primetime years. this year i think we've got some quality, but they are old (dempsey, donovan, beasley) and
  6. realistically i'd say 4th and champs league playoffs or 5th with europa league. is the 6th place europe league this year or next?
  7. good news, i hope we do sign him to a new deal. he's still world class at his age. i also believe stones will benefit from learning the craft from jags and distin.
  8. he wasn't at fault for the goal, and there was a clean sheet in man u and stoke. he's different from baines so you can't judge him based on that. baines is more defense first, where oviedo attacks more. as long as this is understood and the other players compensate (like barry was), it shouldn't be a problem (which it wasn't). and when he was racing down the line with walcott or jenkinson he acquitted himself well. he's only 24
  9. 3 strong matches in a row, i'm really proud of bryan and hope he brings it to the fulham game.
  10. i'm a yank and timmy is also the reason i started being a toffees fan. i feel he really stepped it up when we got robles from athletico. it's great because tim will be able to play for a few more years and mentor the young guy. so glad he's on point this season. i'm not over the moon for all these yellow cards he keeps getting (1 away from suspension), but he's aggressive.
  11. simple for me, we had so many chances but never converted until gerry came on. he's my MOTM.
  12. very winnable match i believe, especially with the way we are playing. i imagine well see the likes of stones, gerry, jelavic, starting. good draw though
  13. yeah maybe gerry in the middle instead. also i don't want to see osman start anymore, with gerry, kevin, barkley, and lukaku we have serious pace and attacking threat, we need to utilize it.
  14. what a match!!! i thought howard, deulofeu, barkley, barry, and the back 4 had a great game. what a stinger from gerry! so glad we came back with intensity after ozil scored and were able to draw. i thought we were the better team and should have gotten all 3. i'd like to see pienaar sit next game, he was off tonight giving the ball away constantly and making terrible passes. gerry needs to start now as well. great match and the 1 point well deserved. we have the belief now and no team scares us. we are looking tenacious and aggressive and i love it.
  15. seamus gave that one away, he should have had him marked
  16. we had 62% possesion in that half, which is away at emirates, this is unreal
  17. wow we dominated the first 40 minutes of that half. barkley is playing great, as is howard, jags, oviedo, and mccarthy. pienaar is looking rough, a lot of missed passes and such, i'd like to see him off for deulofeu at some point and move mirallas over. we are out arsenaling arsenal
  18. 10 mil for coleman? wow, didn't know teams rated him that well. i think he's a decent role player but didn't think he was worth that much.
  19. Duncan are you moyes nephew or something? you're always defending the man like he's your family or something. people can dislike moyes, it's okay man, it's just a forum.
  20. if we can pull off the pre-contract agreement and then summer free transfer like the article states, that would be terrific.
  21. 8, I was born in 1984. I was playing plenty of football in 92 as well, I was a right winger.
  22. very tough match, but i think we're up to the task. barry and mccarthy versus their midfield will be interesting. i'm hoping for another upset and some swagger, but will be okay with a draw. i just don't want us taking a step back with a loss.
  23. I'm looking forward to seeing more from him. Glad he's getting a chance to show his worth.
  24. still buzzing from this win. so excited about the win and the overall team play. we were composed, the defense and goaltending were solid (league leading 8th clean sheet), our midfielders defending well, were creative, and attacked, attacked, attacked. Lukaku did well linking up and with the assist. And I can't be more excited for this emergence of Oviedo. Does anyone else find it interesting that Barkley and Oviedo were Moyes castoffs and yet are shining under Roberto?
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