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  1. Yeah this is my thought too. The risk reward is so good for us. If it doesn’t work out it’s not the end of the world. If it does he’s twice as talented as anyone in the squad and would really want to be here. Even a less version would be good business and he’s only 28 without too many miles.
  2. Why is it people only trust media reports when it agrees with whatever their preconceptions are and all other times it nonsense? Who at Everton has said this is our number or that we even have a number? Who at United? It’s all just speculation unless you have an actual source for this information. I’m well aware of Branthwaite. In the states we would call him a blue-chip prospect. You seem to think I’m arguing something that I am not. I agree he’s a tremendous young talent. That’s not what this is about though. In order to command world class money you generally need a longer resume than he has, particularly when you’re in defense. He does not yet have the resume where the perception is that he’s a world class defender. Which is why the best offer we’ve heard for him has been roughly 50m from one club. Maybe more offers are coming but at a certain point a player is worth what other clubs will pay and he’s just not there yet seemingly. He’s worth a tremendous amount to Everton. I think his presence makes any relegation battle very unlikely and I expect he will be worth even more next summer. For those reasons I think we would require an offer that may not come. This conversation is just about perception. 1 great premier league season from a defender isn’t likely to make you an 80m+ player in the eyes of buyers, that’s all.
  3. “Valued at”. This isn’t some appraisal. It’s just whatever number a club feels like throwing out there. Do you know 80m is our number? Do you know what we hold ultimately take? No to both. This is business between two clubs. If you get your feelings hurt because of an opening offer then you shouldn’t be anywhere near a negotiation. Jarrad has performed very well but he also has very little experience in the league. To start calling him the best defender in the league is premature. Either the clubs will reach an agreement or they won’t but you shouldn’t take this so personal because we will be on both ends of similar situations many many times in the future. Imagine we got emotional every time we fell lowballed and told another club to go to hell. Pretty soon we’d have really limited our options in future buying and selling and hurt the club. Maybe it’s best to be professional.
  4. You’re speculating on all of that. Let’s assume it’s true though and you know exactly what we are asking for and exactly what they’ve offered. It’s a negotiation. Maybe we can reach an agreement and maybe not. Maybe they simply are not willing to pay 80m. Maybe we will accept significantly less. You don’t know. Regardless this is not an unusual scenario. You don’t think we come in low when trying to reach an agreement on a player? Supporters generally want their club to be tough negotiators when buying and selling so why the pushback when other clubs are the same? That hypocrisy is what I’m pointing out. The obvious explanation is everyone wants to get the absolute best deal for their club no matter what it is. *shrugs.
  5. I think it’s tough for a player not to look at a Top 6 club and a very famous one and think that his career will not be better served making 3x the money and likely playing with better players and eventually in bigger matches. It also does help his international prospects. I think we will be lucky to keep him this season. Ideally Man U and others aren’t quite ready to empty the bank this year and we get him for another. At that point if we have a decent year and the stadium move is upon us we look a lot more attractive or at least have more leverage to get that 100m. I’m not saying this is Jarrad but I do recall when most of us thought Holgate was the next Stones in terms of that sort of transfer after he had an awesome season at a young age. We do always take a risk when it’s a player that isn’t fully established.
  6. My issue is that you think a club trying to get a player for the least amount possible is them acting like dicks. We do the same thing as does most every club. Just pointing out the disconnect there. This scenario will happen hundreds of times around the world this transfer window. I suppose I don’t get the anger over what is absolutely standard behavior.
  7. I wasn’t comparing the two, I was making the point that he isn’t an established world class player at this point. The fact that they already have swung and missed on some big signings is likely a reason they don’t want to make a huge offer at this point. Jarrad is great but he has 45 premier league games and he’s just 22. He’s played 1/3 of 1 game for England in a friendly. If he was established as you seem to believe it wouldn’t just be Man U for 50m, it would be the biggest clubs in the world for a lot more. He’s not at that level in terms of perception. We all think Jarrad is great and is on his way to a huge career but I think your bias is showing if you can’t understand why a club who has been wasteful isn’t just jumping to spending 80m on a 22 year old defender.
  8. Price isn’t relevant, it’s the principle. In the case of Branthwaite I haven’t seen other big offers at this point. Obviously United will try to get the best price they can but it’s telling at this point that those 80m offers aren’t coming. Maybe he’s a year away which would be good news for us. My point is only that every group of supporters thinks other clubs are unreasonable with their players while at the same time wanting obscene money when selling. It wasn’t so long ago people wanted 60,70,80m+ for Dom were he to leave. It’s just a natural bias
  9. I expect that they are hesitant to shell out obscene money again. Branthwaite is great but this isn’t an established star, this is a good young player with great potential as were those others. When Everton have swung and missed on expensive signing has the fanbase lined up to do it again or have we been more hesitant? Again, this happens at every club. Your own players are worth a ton and you should get huge offers and/or players in return for them. When we want to sign someone the other club is unreasonable and we downgrade the player if he considers other teams. These same conversations happen every window at every club.
  10. I bet every club in the country has supporters making similar arguments. If you supported Man U I expect you’d want them to get the best deal for the club, particularly when a player is coming from a club who has recently had relegation battles and financial uncertainty. It’s just how that world works as you know. How many Evertonians want 40m+ for Dom who has done very little the last several seasons? Supporters routinely overvalue their own players when selling (regardless of if they like them) and think other clubs are too demanding with their own prices. In regards to Branthwaite, there doesn’t have to be a villain here. We seemingly don’t have to sell now so we set a big price. Man United can bid whatever they like and we will accept it or we won’t. If they aren’t willing to come up then fair enough. I suppose I just don’t get the vitriol when we do the exact same thing with players. This is just how negotiations work, yes?
  11. I’m not specifically talking about United. Supporters are very quick to praise their own clubs for playing hardball in negotiations etc.. but when it’s one of their players up to be sold the buying club is called all sorts of names for doing the same. Always makes me shake my head a bit
  12. I wish people had these same thoughts when a club doesn’t want to pay up for one of our guys.
  13. It’s true in every sport. It’s less about how many years you have in then wear and tear. It’s why NFL running backs seldom make it to 30 and quarterbacks can play until 40. It’s why a boxer might be considered old at 28 depending how many fights they have had. Dom has struggled with injury a good bit in his career and this will be year 9 on the premier league. He’s not a young man in the game anymore and I don’t have much faith his best is ahead of him. I’d love to be wrong but I think he’s had more than enough time to show his level. If he’s in a team with James Rodriguez, Richie etc..he is gonna convert some of the many chances he gets. If he doesn’t have that service he will struggle as we’ve seen the last three years
  14. In all sports it is not years, it is miles. Dom has a lot of miles in the league and quite a few injuries during that time. It’s been 3 full seasons since he’s had a year that wasn’t far below average for what we’d want out of our striker. I’m not sure what it means that you don’t look at him as the goal source. That’s his primary job. Yes it’s nice he contributes defensively and can hold up the ball pretty well but he is there to score. In the last 3 years he has 9 goals from open play…9. Expecting him to now improve in year 9, 10, 11 seems awfully optimistic at this point. Even if we don’t count his first year he’s had 5 poor seasons and two decent ones. Has an Everton player ever gotten more chances than DCL with less of a return?
  15. This is quite a rosy outlook on DCL. 14 goals in 3 seasons, partly due to a lack of availability does not make me think prime or fit. He’s not young in the league anymore, I think it’s more likely than not his best is behind him.
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