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  1. I don’t disagree though even a disinterested James was quite productive for us. It’s unfortunate but I suppose it’s understandable on some level. He’s used to playing for super teams that are competing for titles. Now he comes to Everton and a more physical league where we are battling for 7th. Heart wasn’t in it.
  2. Such small margins. If we had made Europe and/or Carlo had stayed I doubt we are having this conversation or anything like it.
  3. It’s a shame because he has the talent but seemingly not the heart. If he’s playing for Bayern or Real Madrid with world class players who can hide his weaknesses he can be tremendous but if he’s asked to do more he gets exposed. The commitment issue reminds me of Kean. They believe, rightly or wrongly, they should be at an elite club. If they find themselves elsewhere their commitment and their attitude suffers.
  4. You’re bending over backwards to support your view here. The evidence is against you. We can ignore his us vs we quotes and he still comes off badly. Not knowing who we play isn’t a mistranslation. Being on an airplane before the season is over isn’t a cultural difference. Consistently terrible defensive effort is there for everyone to see. Not ability, mind you, effort. Can you imagine Seamus or DCL ever doing anything like that? Rafa isn’t going to question his commitment if he was a “team player”. I expect the club knew for a long time that James didn’t want to be here and that explains his disinterest. If he ever cared about being at Everton that left with Carlo.
  5. For me it’s more about his willingness to play when he’s not at 100%, to show more effort defensively, to put the team above himself and his personal success. He sits because he’s tired, he doesn’t know who we play, he refers to Everton, his club at the time, as “they” etc.. To be a team player your ultimate goal has to be the success of your club. Do you think that was the case with James? Does anyone?
  6. He was an emergency option. Full stop. As an aside not many teams in the world could handle dropping 4 of the first names off their team sheet without a significant effect.
  7. James didnt want to be at Everton. His comments and actions both showed that. Any speculation on what the club or Benitez want is ultimately irrelevant because the player has absolutely checked out once Carlo left. Nobody is bigger than the club.
  8. I’d like to see Gordon at some point if we need a little creativity. Pacier than some people think as well.
  9. Yea, in fairness Richarlison probably shouldn’t have even been playing until the first international break.
  10. This is just pure bias. In any objective evaluation Rafa is far more accomplished.
  11. Did it last year at times. I imagine Seamus and Digne will have a lot of freedom when we are in possession.
  12. I disagree. He. Didn’t. Know. Who. We. Played. I can’t think of a more obvious sign of disinterest.
  13. I don’t personally think James is world class at this point. He’s super talented on the ball but he’s slow and he can’t be bothered to put a foot in. Is he walking into Liverpool or Man City or PSG etc..? If not then he’s not world class. It’s nonsense to believe Rafa wouldn’t play the team he thinks is best capable of getting the points. If James isn’t out there it’s because he doesn’t think he gives us the best chance. Whatever anyone thinks of our manager he’s not an idiot.
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