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  1. I know it’s been mentioned previously that while he’s a natural finisher he lacks a bit in the other skills necessary to be a well rounded striker. Perhaps the thought is to keep him here where we can really work on his development instead of sending him on loan where they won’t care as much about that. My vote is probably to do that and keep him here for the remainder, have the coaches really hammer home some of those DCL qualities then send him out next year and see what he’s got against better competition.
  2. I understand but I think discussing current strikers in a thread about a possible addition to the position is on topic. Instead we can discuss possible additions in a thread about a current striker. Anyhow I have removed my question to the more appropriate place.
  3. So where does Simms fit into our striker decisions? Clearly he’s gonna need a step up for next season at the latest. If we think he’s gonna be a first teamer in the next year or two does that effect what we do in the next couple windows?
  4. Ha. Thanks. I’m aware he has his thread I just thought it might be relevant to a discussion about attaining a new striker. Plus, nobody comments in there.
  5. Forgive me if this is more appropriate in a different thread, but where does Simms fit into our striker decisions? Clearly he’s gonna need a step up for next season at the latest. If we think he’s gonna be a first teamer in the next year or two does that effect what we do in the next couple windows?
  6. The problem with the January window is that there are far, far fewer options than in the summer. So unless someone really stands out there isn’t much point for a team like us. Carlo alluded to this in his recent interview where he seemed to be saying don’t expect much/anything. That being said I do think we need a longterm upgrade for the Siggy role. This could just be James but he’s never gonna play 35+ games and you’d have a hole to fill on the right anyhow. For me, a healthy-ish Everton have a good chance to make Europe so I would prefer to not do something rash. Look at some opti
  7. I didn’t think so but perhaps my focus was diverted by how annoying I find Cavani.
  8. Just thought it was worth noting that there are about 15 players that have recent comments before you get to Michael Keane. I consider this a very good thing from a no nonsense type center back. He’s turned himself into a really solid, classy player. I can’t recall the last time I thought he had a bad game.
  9. Seems the most likely thing. I do like extra cover which will allow nkounkou to do what he does best at this point.
  10. 2 of his 4 were ones you’d expect any professional footballer to finish. An unmarked header from close range and an empty net basically. Might be easier for him to motivate himself at a club like PSG or Juventus than it was at Everton. He’s a young man so I don’t wanna write him off but from his time in England he didn’t seem to be very strong mentally.
  11. I think they’ve had some injuries but I don’t follow them closely
  12. Yeah I thought it was 20ish but I did think there was a set amount in place. It is what it is with Moise. Could be a million reasons it didn’t work out here (including that he just wasn’t good enough). My best guess is he saw a pre-breakout DCL and a mid table club and thought he’d walk into the starting job and springboard himself to a huge club. Didn’t work out like that and he quickly lost his motivation and didn’t have it mentally to deal with being a bench guy in an unfamiliar country. Would have been interesting to see what would have happened if he had a better mentality and c
  13. He was scoring for Juventus and PSG obviously were happy to take him on. That suggests they both saw his potential. It didn’t work out with us for whatever reason but he’s still quite young and (in my opinion) does have a lot of tools. It would not surprise me if he matures into a very good striker.
  14. For what it’s worth, players in American football are constantly griping to the referees. They don’t do it as a collective unit but that has more to do with there being so many areas of focus on an American football field (the guy getting held on one side has no idea what’s going on across the field) and the continuous play clock (you simply don’t have the time to gather around an official). The coaches on the other hand are constantly screaming at the refs. Basketball and hockey are the same. In baseball you use replay a ton nowadays but it’s still pretty routine for a player to be ejec
  15. Chelsea were dominant in the 1st half. They do have a solid team though. With no Richie it’ll be a tough game.
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