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Away Kit

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It happened months ago... black and pink?


Yeah I thought that would be our away kit too. The only thing is, considering what Mark said that it would increase our profits if we had a third kit, I'm starting to think the pink kit might become the third kit, and the away kit would be your standard white jersey we usually have. I only say this as if we had the black and pink kit as our away jersey, there would be almost no need for a third jersey considering all other teams jersey colours.

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My missus thinks this is great fun! A bunch of blokes arguing about colours.

There are only Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple & Black on bloke's colour radar according to her. Women can apparently see and name at least 200 - and the colours on the shirt are Cerise & Black! At least we got one right. :)

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It happened months ago... black and pink?


Louis, that was only a mock up, i mean since then there havent been any fabricated, leaked pictures?




Possible new away kit, looks terrible :rolleyes:


Terrible!? Are you mad lol its amazing, its slick and modern, and very different, in the best way...i love it, if the front panel is made of the slick shinier material, it will look beautiful....if the mock up is anythin to go by, it will be great!! I did actually post some variations elsewhere on this site (if anyone can find them), they show what other colours look like and they all look mint.


yeah but have you noticed the pink lines actually go thru the evrton badge, so looks slightly fake to me


Like Romey said, its a mock-up, same as dunkanmckenzies display pic, the real thing didnt turn out just like that!?

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LMAO have a read of this on NSNO...quality



Everton will wear their home kit at Rochdale tomorrow, despite the home side usually playing in blue.


Rumour has it that Harry Redknapp rang Le Coq Sportif at 11pm yesterday evening and intercepted the new away kit, taking it to White Hart Lane after LCS agreed to allow Spurs first choice on the kit, despite already agreeing a deal with Everton.


Rochdale will wear all white allowing Everton to give even more exposure to the new home shirt. Rumours that the "v" on the front of the new home shirt is so big in order to reflect the length of time it takes to conduct a transfer from Sheffield United have so far been denied by club officials...

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Oops.....someone's stuffed up :lol: .




Kind of takes the edge of the "launch." Although everyone knew what it was anyway.



Why gold badges...it wouldnt have been as bad if the badges were white? why everton, eh? it would be nice otherwise :( but still better than the home. Does anyone else think that it looks uncomfortable? too baggy? neck line looks like its stranggling the players? and the 'V' is just toooooooo fuckin big grrrrr.....!! all they had to do was a modern version of the Hafnia kit, like-for-like using modern materials and vents, and changing the sponsor, then it would have looked class!

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