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What Are You Listening To?


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Have u got any of The Libertines albums Mark? classics (especially time for heros)

i saw The Kooks in town in May, what a live act they are, fantastic!

and i saw Baby Shambles in September, they were good but i think i was just thinkin that coz Doherty was on stage

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no one believed me when i said it was coz he grew up near breck road.

What A Waster only had about 1000 released, was so heavily edited to get on the radio it was hardly played, but was on late nite on loads of shows. got them a bit of a bad reputation, but this single sells for hundreds now

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I didnt know Razorlight had a new album  :blink:


May be an old album i dont know?


Just think they should be in my reccord collection and currently are not!


Purchased Snow Patrol & Classic Euphoria last week dont normally listen to that much dance music apart from at the gym and out running but that Euphoria CD is quality.

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Not sure if you would like Adam Green that much he is a bit childish and most of his songs involve some kind of w*nking joke or something. But if you like stuff like Damien Rice, try Jose Gonzalez his Heartbeats song is on the sony bravia ad (the one with the bouncy balls) Ben Harper isn't bad and I suppose Jack Johnson isn't that bad even tho he seems to be becoming the new James Blunt of choice for the I only buy the one album a year coldplay/james blunt/kt tunstall type of people

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