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i'd hate to lose him especially for free..i am a big fan and believe he will become a very good player


im the opposite, i think his movement is good, but everything else is 'meh' i dont think hell ever be any better than an osman...championship player i think

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OK so maybe he could leave due to an admin error....but why would he want to :mellow: ? He's certainly not going to be picked up by any of the European qualified teams. Newcastle? Would show supreme lack of ambition on his part.


Having said that I wouldn't lose any sleep if he left, I don't think he'll ever be more than a squad player.

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aving said that I wouldn't lose any sleep if he left, I don't think he'll ever be more than a squad player.


Same here Mike, god knows we will always love him for THAT goal, but I just can't see him making it as a first choice player.

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England under-21 starlet Dan Gosling has walked out of Everton for nothing - after the Premier League ruled he was free to quit over an amazing administrative mistake.


Gosling argued that he could leave at the end of his contract without any fee on his head because the Goodison outfit had failed to put an offer in writing to him.


And the Premier League carried out a full inquiry, with statements from both Gosling's camp and Everton, before deciding the Merseyside club had slipped up - with the player allowed to go on a free transfer.


Everton wanted Gosling to sign a new deal, with chairman Bill Kenwright making verbal offers but failing to put that in writing by the mid-May cut-off point.


Now David Moyes's club will miss out on a fee. They could have made around £4million at a tribunal if Gosling joins a rival Premier League club.


Versatile Gosling was in and out of Moyes's team over the past two seasons, with his personal highlight being the FA Cup replay winner over Liverpool. He had also been stalling on a new deal for football reasons as he wants to play more often.


Gosling is recovering from knee ligament surgery and will not be able to play for around three months. However he is now clear to speak to any club and negotiate his own terms.


Sunderland and Newcastle United are heading the chase, with West Ham also alerted about his availability. Gosling told the Premoer League tribunal that he has not spoken to any other team, but now he will be heading for a round of talks.


The result is a bitter blow for cash-conscious Everton who will be bitter about the outcome. Senior officials all put their case to the inquiry but one basic mistake has cost them a fortune.

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Might he simply re-sign with Everton if none of the other offers are good enough?


Why would they re-sign him?

It's obvious that he wants to go or he wouldn't have taken his case to the premier league!


Bad mistake from EFC but no great loss other than financial I think.

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if he has gone sod him, obviously not a loyal player and as has been stated only ever going to be a squad player. If he had stuck around he may have forced himself into the 1st team if he became good enough, though i doubt it. At least at the Barcodes or the Smoggies he should walk into their first team and get the 1st team football he wants. I wont lose sleep over it, big loss financially but other than that....

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Nevermind whether Gosling wanted out or not, what an absolute f***ing disgrace from the club's point of view! How much did he cost us? £1 million? And we've lost him for nothing because of an 'administrative error'?! If this is true (I assume the club will have to make an official statement at some point), then heads should role, no business can afford to throw a million quid down the drain because of some cretin who's incapable of doing their job properly. You might have known there'd be some crisis or other this summer, ffs Everton, sort it out and start doing things with a bit of professionalism!

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