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Hello lads, it's been a while.. :)


There was an interview in a Flemish magazine with Felli, i'll give you some pieces of it:


Q: have you missed football during the injury?


At the moment i miss it very much, but not in the beginning. it was the first time in long i could forget about football, it was nice. i haven't had a decent holiday since i became a pro footballer, with the -21 european championship and the olympics, and i was quite sick last summer. i feel like I've finally gotten the chance to rest and that was necessary, physically and mentally. the last few months i didn't feel like a pro footballer anymore, more like any other employe, wake up at 8 go work with the physical therapist all day long and go back home..that wasn't bad for me either.. as a pro footballer you sometimes forget how any other guy makes his money and what a beautiful life a footballer has..


Have you heared anything form kyrgiakos after your injury??


No, nothing, it was a real attack.. and he was lucky aswell, if i was a little earlier it could have been him whit the long injury.. not that that was my intention, I play hard sometimes but never nasty..


When you got injured, you where at the top of your game, isn't it?


Yes, that's football. same thing happened to Mikel Arteta last season. it's a part of this sport, you can be at the top of your game or be as careful as you can, something serious could always happen.


Do you know why you were playing so well when you were?


Yes. The season started bad with my illness, i lost 4 kilos and missed the preparation of the season. Moyes also put me in different positions. the tide turned when he put me at my place on centre midfield and i could stay there. also the entire team started doing better, and so i gained confidence. the season before i was put in different positions, from wich i learned alot, but it was good to play at 'my spot' again.


After the Man city game all newspapers gave you nines and tens for your performance, Shearer called you a wolrd class player..


What do you want me to say? Shearers is a big star.I was quite pleased with my performance, that doesn't happen alot, i stole alot of balls, gave alot of good passes, did the roulette on Bellamy.. it definatly was my best game so far. That's what i play for: to feel like i've outdone myself. although it's nice to get the supporters applauding and get compliments from shearer.


Moyes called you the best midfielder of the PL, thats someting isn't it?


Yeah i was flattered, but a bit annoyed aswell, it's easy for him to say that, but then i've got to prove it! Not very easy, i've got some compition: Lampard, Fabregas, Gerrard...


Do you often talk with Moyes?


No not that much. When things aren't going good for me he does, like last season when I was on the bench. I've never been very close with any of my coaches, but i do respect him and listen to him, and i always try to do my best.


Do you like England?

Absolutely, the people here are crazy about football, literally everyone has a favourite club. everyone knows you here when you play in the PL. a bit annoying as I live in the centre of Liverpool, when i go out i always where a hooded sweater, not very easy with my afro (laughs).


I quote Moyes: 'get a haircut'


I don't get what the fuss is about with my hair. If you don't like it? tough luck! I like it, it's my style.


Hows your English btw?

Far from perfect, but I'm going to work on it when i get back. i can make myself understandable in the shop and at training, and i understand the coach and my teammates aswell. so it's OK.

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