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Who Should Be The Next England Manager?

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So, now that dipshit has confirmed he will step down, and ive got a feeling he may stick to his word this time, who would you like to see him replaced by? Beckham apparently has said no already but Arry has piped up, with Sam Allardyce (bbmmmmwahahahahahahahaaaa), Steve Bruce, Roy Hodgson and Martin O'Neill all apparently in the fray... Honestly, im not sure who so c'mon y'all start throwing out names and reasons why!

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Yea it's fair enough. The papers are already running with stories about who they think should run. I just think it's too early to consider. We don't know who may be available by then. If he was available I would plump for Hiddink every day of the weak. He does well making poor teams into decent tournement contenders, that's what we need.

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Not really specifically about the next England boss but one of the candidates, Sam Allerdyce...


"I would be more suited to Inter Milan or Real Madrid.


"It wouldn't be a problem for me to manage those clubs because I would win the double or the league every time."


"Give me Manchester United or Chelsea and I would do the same, it wouldn't be a problem.


"It's not a problem to take me into the higher reaches of the Champions League or Premier League and would make my job a lot easier in winning it."


Sure he must be being quoted out of context (or he's been smoking something he shouldn't)...that's just ridiculous otherwise :mellow: .

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i'm movin to mexico and callin myself alan if this happens

You've destroyed any chance you had of anonymity by telling us that though.


We can just fly into Mexico City, climb in a cab and ask the driver to take us to Alan's house. You should pick another name and keep it secret to ensure privacy :) .


I'll be just over the border in Guatemala btw :( . Nip down for a glass of quetzalteca some time and we can drown our sorrows.

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'arry for me too. Stop that bent cnut from dodgy dealing and allows clubs to actually persue their intended targets.


Brother-in-law to Willie Mackay was talking to me the other night, told me Willie knew arry was the most corrupt managet in the game (told me about two inccidents, not good on droopy's part) and shortly followed by Allerdyce...!


So get him in as national coach, that way he'll stop being back handed and corrupting transfers and clubs. nob.

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allegedly (thanks Bill ;)) when a transfer was made in yester-year (dont know the current rules n regs) it was one of either the selling or the buying clubs jobs to pay for the agency fee's, and its strictly not allowed to be both. however, allegedly during a his days at an East London club and during a transfer i didn't recognise the name of, both the selling club and buying club didnt come to the agreement of agency bills and instead, both allegedly paid the fee's (allegedly to the sum over 200K), whilst Mackay and 'arry were 'dotting the i's n crossing the t's' on this players contract.

As protocol (it was expected that should this happen) both clubs needed to be notified of the mistake and come to an agreement, as well as notifying the governing body who need ALL financial reports from the deal with accurate breakdowns of costings, BEFORE they accept the transfer.

Well anyway 'arry was present when Mackay recieved the fax from both and allegedly, told him that if they split the money from one of the clubs, it would keep the reports looking genuine, then he wouldnt report Makay to the governing body. So allegedly arry got somethin like 200k, from an illegal transfer...

The brother in law kept using the old expression, 'arrys as bent as a.....(dont remember).

So thats the gist, sorry if it was not as good as you wanted!

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