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Everton Dream


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Not sure if this is int he right place, sure a mod can tell me ?


I had a dream last night about the game saturday .. Unfortunately we drew 1-1 , we scored first but Jones scored for them, literally in the dying minutes .. (Bet?) Although i hate betting against us to draw or lose, whats the point.


However my dream took a strange turn, as i got out the ground i walked up one of the streets, and to cut a long story short a car bomb went off... Everyone went wild and was running anyway they could, in the whole, around 3 -4 car bombs went off, then a building blew up, it was actually quite scary, but a brilliant dream (After the match!)


I was told today dreams mean something... So if we draw 1-1 tomorrow i am defintely walking in the opposite direction when i get out of the ground!!!

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did you survive in your dream? not to freak you out but going the other way might be a bad idea :P


incidently, i had a dream that i was picked to play after being scouted in a 1 off game here in Geneva. On my debut i scored 1 and setup 2 but then had to be stretchered off due to a blackout (actually the dream all went white but no idea if y'all would understand a white out!). Woke up shortly after that!

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Whenever I dream that I'm playing for Everton (which I have done for 40+ years) I nearly always get rubber limbs and am completely incapable of running/tackling/shooting....can barely stand up in fact :( .


The occasional exception (many years back) was when I became a completely unbeatable 'keeper. That was fun.

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For fuck's sake lads, lay off the cheese before bedtime! :lol:


Haha made me laugh that Ian .. Incidentally i drink quite a bit of milk before bed and i usually have a dream when ive drunk it... Strange!


Its great having everton related dreams, especially when they either win or you are in the team...


Matt i did survive, not sure how i did though, considering i was in full view of every car bomb then an exploding building.. But all in all a quality dream!


Mike your dream with the rubber limbs is a good one, its like a dream when you need to shout to someone but nothing comes out, it as though your dream knows what you want to happen so completely cuts that out the scenario haha

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Last semester when I slept with my girlfriend every night she would always tell me about how i would be playing for Everton in my sleep.


One night after a few too many cheap beers she told me i was saying something about Donovan.


Hope I dream up a win this weekend



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