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Billy Give Him A Go?


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So now that we lose Chaill for a month i think Moyes should give Billy a go in his position, I think it will bring the best out of him playing there will score a few with that left peg of his! What you guys think? I know Moyes probably wont try it he will have a heart attack if he try's something new that could work.

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I think he either has to do this OR has to play 4-4-2.


1 striker hasn't been working for us, we can blame the strikers but put 2 of them together and see what they can do from the start as the only times we have more than 1 is when were desperate for a goal in the last 20 minutes.


Doesn't look like bily is in moyes plans to me.


Rodwell probably more likely to get start in that position.

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For me the strikers who have been getting into positions where they can sniff out an opportunity are Yak and Beckford.. even though Beckford wasn't putting them away at least he's there to take a shot and his aim should improve because of that.


Bily is the only player in the last year or so that I can clearly remember smacking them into the back of the net from outside the box (open play), aside from that Arteta goal against the shite.


We need someone like Bily who will just have a crack rather than procrastinating for 1-2secs and loosing the ball.. too many times I'm seeing indecision leading to the opposition being allowed to close us down, Arteta has been particularly at fault this season, it's like he has something else on his mind or is talking on a mobile phone.. but then again, we've got the nice broadcast view from on high..


Felli should be DM, it would be awful to see him moved up front again, if I remember he was woeful when called upon to do that previously, uncomfortable with the ball at his back etc, then when moved to DM he dominated..

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The fact that some of us are fearing Felli attacking mid etc says alot about what impact moyes tactics have had. Two out and out strikers together, if they miss they miss, but ffs moyes makes out he's given the strikers a picnic this season, all he's done is apply pressure on them.

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Bily should undoubtedly be given a go. He may not have had much of an impact on the entire game but the simple fact is he probably ended up with more goals & assists than the rest of our midfield (bar Cahill), certainly the wingers anyway!


We have had at least a couple of chances this season to try out 2 up front (West Brom & Wigan come to mind) but we have stuck with the same old. I dont mind playing a 4-5-1 with the two advanced central midfielders supporting the striker, and running past him rather than just towards him.


If felli moves forward I will cry... :blink:

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