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Hello my name is Justin. I am from NC USA there aren’t many soccer I mean football fans here especially in the south. Also I have yet to find an Everton fan. But of course I can find a big 4 fan on occasion. As a kid I was obsessed with the leagues overseas but there was no way to watch. I could only play with them on the fifa video game. Now thanks to fox soccer channel I get to see at least 2 Everton games live a week, and sometimes they play them on ESPN. I guess I became an Everton fan because you have an American goalie, and you took Donovan on loan. Not to mention you guys don’t seem to hate Americans like other clubs (example Man U). Also Chang is very good. Enough of the babbling just wanted to say hello, and it’s good to have some Everton fans to talk to.

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Yep from Roxboro North Carolina on the border of Virginia. Now live in Smithfield North Carolina 30 minutes south of the capital Raleigh. Hot as hell swamps and mosquitos.


Id advise you not to apply for a job in vacation advertisements!

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