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Happy Birthday Steve.


Last person I said happy Birthday too didn't bother to acknowledge the pm, (not mentioning names, but screw you TJ) so swore I'd wish everybody a shite birthday from then on.


Are you 21 again ?



I sure am, 21 for the eighth time. I think that's how I work out 29 anyway!

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Apart from MikeO they're all youngsters though aren't they. (Moderation team)


Say what you like, but it's a great thing to have your years in front of you for the most part. It's no fun believe me getting old. (Although not that old)


How old are you Dalziel ?


I'm guessing at least 60 as you keep calling me 'son' despite my having grown up children lol.

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I'm older than your 44 years.


But I don't actually like to disclose actual ages on interweb things. Seen a lot of years, but don't get around on a motorized cart or anything. There's life left in the old dog yet, although you wouldn't think so on Monday mornings.


So you are a woman then ?

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In all the years I've been on here, never had a happy birthday topic. Bastards the lot of ya!



i'd have words with Louis mate, the birthdays seem to appear randomly then disappear again (actually think Mike said theres something wrong with the code).


anyway old man, hope you had a guddun ;)

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