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Luca Marrone

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If this came off, i'd be impressed. Marrone for years was seen as the next Italian Midfield/Defensive General but his development (and confidence) has taken some horrendous battering of recent seasons. He was expected to be THE guy to take over from the driving force that is Pirlo, but the acquisition of Pogba and the relative ease that he's cemented his place in the starting 11, put doubt on Marrone's place.


Then Juve tried to move him into CB, but he couldn't dislodge the current 3 man outfit and with Juve's signing in Ogbonna, chances again are slipping. So he's a "jack of all trades, master of none" at the moment and Conte doesn't know where to play him. Those knocks in confidence have really ruined him, when he gets an opportunity to play, he just doesn't know where to be?


Technically, very good. Player awareness, very good. Tackling, very good. Not a playmaker as per say, can 'wonder' alot *coughFellainicough*. Juve's youth academy love him, meant to be a 'good egg' too, has natural ability, just not the game experience.


Went out on loan to Siena (then coached by Conte), strung some games together and did very well.


He needs experience, some proper game time, then he'll be a top top player. Hence the potential 'Loan' bid, that we've supposedly inquired about. he has massive potential, just not had the games to prove it and then ones where he has had opportunities, he's not taken it. Get him him in, play him, grow his confidence and you'll have a great player on your hands. If we get him, i'd be very pleased (and somewhat surprised).

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"The 25-year-old was part of the Everton pre-season tour of America, but is expected to make his intentions clear on his return that he would like to join the Premier League champions."


Who the hell did he tell that to? BS reporting in my opinion.

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