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Screenshot Movie Quiz


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never heard of it....



on a side note though just been to pub...quiz night..was a film theme so had a music round with film music etc..all that kind of thing...the bonus round was 2 or more people from the team had to act out a scene from a film...me and a couple of lads did the pulp fiction car scene...won the round...it was proper fun! usually it's a shite round like remember 25 objects or some crap...but this really took off every team had a proper laugh with it! hopefully gonna be a regular thing cos we really enjoyed it! a man and woman did the harry meets sally thing...i got a laugh for shouting out it's debbie does dallas..people are so childish :P


Have you been to this quiz since Marco? Sounds like fun.

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Great film, horrible where he scratches the baseball pitch.


Bacons best film would be The Woodsman or possibly Hollow Man. Stir or Echoes deserves a mention also.


I've seen Sleepers and own a copy of the movie, but the 'sadistic and nasty prison guard character' has been done to death. He's nowhere near as intimidating as Clancy Brown's character from The Shawshank Redemption for example.

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