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Everton On Top of the Cost Adjusted Premier League

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Everton are in first place in the Cost Adjusted Premier League. This is a table which shows what the Premier League would look like if the costs of buying the players on each team were taken into account.




Your thoughts?


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Would be cool if I could view it on my iphone, it is all cut off and won't resize. Don't know if the uk had iPhones but it's a common device here in the states to view things on.


Surely you are being ironic? we don't even live in caves or mudhuts these days, and most of the thatched roundhouses are now being replaced by brick houses. The Vikings left a while ago and the Romans no longer try to slaughter the Druids.

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I don't know if you're serious or not!


China just got the iPhone last year, i was being serious. i don't know which countries its in now. I sold one on ebay to a guy in Russia (can't get them there) for 4 times the value of a new phone and it was broken!


i wasn't saying it in a way that says the UK is backwards (if anything you're light years ahead of the US and it's crazy conservatives), just that every online company here tailors content to the iPhone since it's so common. It doesn't use Flash so it's kinda tricky for developers.

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